Celebrity Lookalikes On AnastasiaDate: Girls Who Look Like Famous Beauties

Who doesn’t love celebrity lookalikes? We can look at them for hours. Today’s list is all about having fun finding similarities between AnastasiaDate girls and some of the world’s prettiest celebrities.

Enjoy Looking At These Celebrity Lookalikes’ Similarities With Major Stars

From top models to some of the world’s biggest actresses and singers, check out how these girls manage to remind you of a celebrity, but still remain unique. Enjoy.


First on our celebrity lookalikes list is a Nicole Kidman lookalike, pretty Vladislava.
Beautiful Vladislava reminds us of Aussie superstar Nicole Kidman.

The first girl on our celebrity lookalikes list is Vladislava. The Ukrainian girl with the blue eyes and the fiery blonde hair is the European doppelgänger of the famous Australian actress Nicole Kidman. At just 19 years old, the dentist from Odessa describes herself as a strong woman; and the ideal relationship as one where partners love and admire each other for who they are – not trying to change one another.


The second in our celebrity lookalikes list is a Megan Fox lookalike, 30-year-old Yana.
With her rich, dark hair and piercing blue eyes, Yana looks like American beauty Megan Fox.

If you’re a fan of American actress and sex symbol Megan Fox, you will most probably love the looks of Yana. The 30-year-old economist with the mesmerizing green eyes and lush long raven hair is a romantic person who tries to always see the positive side of things. She also loves working out and traveling, and her ideal relationship would be based on trust, honesty, and mutual understanding.


In the middle of the celebrity lookalikes list is sweet Anastasia who looks like Shakira.
26-year-old Anastasia is radiant and sweet like Shakira.

We’re halfway through our list, and this is where we find a fresh-faced blonde that could be mistaken for Colombian singer Shakira. Anastasia has playful blue eyes that match her character. She loves surprises and watching people smile. The cosmetologist from Kharkov may be only 26, but she is serious about finding a lasting relationship. She’s looking for someone passionate, sensitive and open to changes, who will love her as much as she’ll love him.


Gorgeous Ukrainian, Eugenia reminds us of 90s supermodel Adriana Sklenarikova
Blonde beauty from Ukrainia, Eugenia, looks like beautiful 90s supermodel Adriana Sklenarikova.

As we move closer to the end of our celebrity lookalikes list, we find a stunning lady who reminds us of another stunning lady: Eugenia’s similarity to Czech 90s supermodel Adriana Sklenarikova can’t go unnoticed. The blonde beauty from Odessa claims her lasagna recipe alone is a reason to fall in love with her, but also describes herself as “cheerful and kind-hearted”. The blue-eyed administrator is looking forward to connecting her life with a strong, honest, and family-oriented man.


If you love Monica Bellucci, the last girl on our celebrity lookalikes list will be your favorite.
The last beauty on our list of celebrity doppelgangers is 20-year-old designer Diana, who reminds us of Monica Bellucci.

Being compared to one of the most desired women in the world is no little thing. But one can’t help but see the similarity of Diana from Nikolaev to Italian model and actress Monica Bellucci. Their expressive brown eyes and rich black hair, in combination with their sultry lips and ‘killer’ bodies, make the two ladies irresistible. Diana is a 20-year-old designer who describes herself as “cheerful, charismatic, and the soul of the company.” She likes to read, dance and paint, and she’s looking for a man on whom she can rely.

Well, we hope you enjoyed today’s Irresistible Five list of celebrity lookalikes. We know that if certain celebrities decide to make a biopic, there are these gorgeous Eastern European ladies who can successfully play their roles.