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Cardinal Dating Rules All Business People Need To Follow

What do most business people have in common? If you guessed a lack of time, you’re right. Most young businessmen, or more informally yuppies, are at a stage in their life where career is a top priority. As a common result, several aspects of their lives get pushed towards the back. This includes dating. If you’re a yuppie and you’re reading this now, you need to follow cardinal dating rules if you want to start having a love life.

Essential Cardinal Dating Rules For Yuppies

A lack of time and a desire to date usually don’t mix, because, common sense will tell you, “how can you date if you don’t even have enough time?” This is true but there are ways around this obstacle. You just have to follow the following cardinal dating rules:

Go Out Or Online And Meet People

Most yuppies will resort to online dating if they don’t have enough time. That’s great because dating sites or even dating apps are a time saver. When you go on this path, make sure you are very selective. You don’t want to waste your time and just ask out whoever catches your fancy. Make sure that your selection process is thorough and that you meet with people you truly have a potential long-term relationship.

If you’re going for a more offline approach, the best way to meet people is through non-professional social events – a house party, a club gathering and the like. This is going to be more difficult than online dating, but you’ll be able to gauge a person better because you meet them face to face.

Qualifications Are Important

Before you go out on a date with the person you met online or offline, it’s important for you to set qualifiers. For example, you shouldn’t meet a person if you haven’t had a significant conversation with them. How else would you know if you have something in common? Let your potential date achieve the qualifier before the meeting.

Dress In A Way To Show That You’re Making An Effort

It may be tempting to go straight to your date right after you go to the gym, with your gym clothes on; don’t. You have to show your date that you are making an effort.

Most will think that their dates should accept them for who they are and should realize that they don’t have enough time. But, dates need work to work, do you get it? However you dress, just make sure it shows that you have put even a little effort into it (iron your shirt, for goodness sake).

Be Date Efficient

Do you have a long lunch break coming up by next week? Great! Why not schedule your date during that time. It’s much more efficient.

Also, to make the most out of your dates don’t be scared to change it up. If you went for a coffee on your first date, make sure to go out for the night on your second. Or, vice versa.

Honestly, it’s going to take some time before you get the hang of these cardinal dating rules. But, you need to follow them if you want to resurrect your love life without sacrificing your career. Good luck, and don’t forget to visit our blog for more posts.