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Calm Dating Jitters Down With These Tactics

How do you usually feel a few days before you go on a date? If you feel uneasy, and a little bit uncomfortable, it’s definitely dating jitters. It’s normal to feel this way because most people put a lot of pressure on themselves whenever a date is around the corner. So, how do you get all this pressure off for you to feel more comfortable before your big day?

Simple Tips That Can Help You Overcome Dating Jitters

Dating jitters hinder us from becoming our best self. If you’re stressing out a few days before your big date, you can calm down using the following ways:


If you think that meditation is hard to do, it isn’t. It’s also not about sitting down and saying “umm” for long periods of time. According to Buddhists, meditation is simply about looking into your inner well-being. That sounds hard to do, but if you take a walk, focus on your breathing, enjoy the sights and sounds, and you’ll be meditating.

Avoid Negative People

You don’t need extra stress in your life right now. As much as possible, avoid negative people so you don’t get yourself down.

De-Clutter Your Space

There’s always something relaxing about organizing and tidying up. Take an hour of your day to clean up your closet, kitchen, or whichever area in your house that needs a bit of organizing.

Pick Up Healthy Habits

Stop with the junk food and the sitting around. There has been plenty of research linking eating junk food to feeling down about yourself. Also, exercising releases your endorphins or your happy hormones.


Take a moment to just unplug from social media, and other online platforms for a while. It’s going to help you focus. All you have to focus on is getting ready for your date, you don’t need other distractions.

Conquer dating jitters with these tips. You can go through the list again if you have another date. Eventually, you will get over jitters completely. For more dating tips, check out more posts on our blog.