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Body Language Cues Hinting That Your Relationship Is Rocky

New relationships are always rosy and peachy. There is still that “honeymoon phase” that’s all about romance – flowers, affectionate body language cues, sweet words, and the like. Sooner or later, the excitement wears off, unfortunately.

These Body Language Cues Could Be Signs That Your Relationship Is Falling Apart

The sweet words that were spoken fondly before are now spoken less. And, the affectionate body language cues turn into signs that could indicate your relationship is falling apart.  It’s safe to say that every relationship will always hit a bump in the road. However, if we don’t spot the trouble ahead of time, our relationship might not make it.

Look at some of these body language cues below that will tell you when your relationship might be on the rocks:

  1. Not walking as a team. When you are together, does one of you walk faster than the other? It could mean that one is no longer mindful of the other.
  2. He or she pulls away. When you reach out to hug your partner at home or hold his or her hand while you are walking together, does your loved one pull away? This one is a no-brainer. If your partner no longer likes being touched, there’s definitely something amiss.
  3. Feeling ignored. Do you think that your partner is ignoring you? It happens in relationships, but if it happens so regularly that you feel lonely, you have to question the integrity of your partnership.
  4. Mimicking. Sometimes, we imitate what our partner is saying or doing just for fun. But when there’s sarcasm, and when it is done to shame the other person when other people are around, it’s no longer a just a playful habit.

When you have spotted these body language cues, it’s time to have a sit-down with your significant other to identify what the problem really is. Communication might help solve your problem or it may not. The main point is to find out. Also, these actions may seem trivial, but the fuel behind these actions is something that you need to deal with. For more relationship tips, read other posts on our blog.