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This Is The Biggest Killer Of Modern Relationships

Back in the past, relationship expectations were much more predictable. The women were expected to stay at home to take care of the kids and meet her husbands needs, while the men were expected to bring home the bacon. Today, modern relationships are far from this black and white portrayal of what’s expected.

Modern Relationships Are Being Snuffed Out Because Of This Factor

Although some remnants of the past still remain today, it cannot be denied that we, as a society, have ventured into a gray area. The women are more adept to climbing their respective career ladders, and men don’t mind staying home with the kids from time to time. These are what modern relationships are about – new roles and new expectations.

However, have you ever thought that we might be expecting too much from the relationships we have? We are keen to “having it all” but that’s not very realistic, and the perception can actually end up damaging our relationships. This “having it all” notion is the biggest killer of modern relationships to date.

What To Do About It

The truth is we cannot have it all. As much as we want to, it’s going to be a challenge to be the perfect couple, making all of the right moves, portraying a relationship that’s spotless.

1. Put In The Time

If you’re spending too much time at work or on other things, it’s important that you shift your attention to your relationship. You need to find a balance between doing everything, while still maintaining your connection with your partner. Truthfully, you may have to drop a few things on your schedule, but it’s worth it if you’re making room to spend more time with your partner.

2. Deal With Conflict Quickly

Don’t sleep until you have talked out your issues. Conflicts are constant in every relationship. The best thing to do is to sit down and talk everything out in a calm fashion, with a mature perspective on the situation.

3. Foster Closeness

When was the last time that you got to spend quality time with your significant other? When have you both just hung out to watch TV, grab some coffee or even go on a road trip? If you can’t remember, then it’s a sign that you have to do something about it.

4. Think Of Your Partner’s Needs

It’s true that you can’t always think about your partner’s needs but as much as you can, you have to prioritize them. This, however, has a condition. You have to prioritize your partner’s needs at the same level as yours. Support goes both ways, remember that.

It’s time to throw that “having it all” notion out of the window. Focus on rebuilding instead of making everything perfect. The more of these you do, the lesser the pressure you put on your modern relationship. For more dating and relationship advice, check out our other posts here.