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Biggest Early Relationship Mistakes We Make

You know that old saying “Start as you mean to go on”? Well, it also applies to relationships. Avoiding certain relationship mistakes from the beginning can prove to be more important than we might imagine.

What are the most serious early relationship mistakes we make?

The beginning of a new relationship fills us with hope and dreams, so it is easy to get carried away and forget that if we want ours to last we need to set the right foundations. Read about the biggest early relationship mistakes people make and why they are so serious.

  1. You go all out. While it is absolutely natural to be enthusiastic and want to give it your all at the start of a relationship, it is crucial to remember to keep some balance. Of course, this does not mean being too selfish or calculated. It means not looking too desperate by resorting to extreme gestures, and setting your boundaries in time. All relationships need to have rules, and it is one of the greatest relationship mistakes to not set yours early, as you may end up feeling victimized later on.
  1. You share too much too early. Sharing is not a bad thing as such. However, there is something off-putting about a person who is willing to open up and pour their heart out right from the start. Make sure you are honest and open, but keep things light and appropriate, or you will run the risk of tiring your date and taking away a lot of the magic too.
  1. You are too reserved. On the opposite side of sharing too much there is sharing too little. While sharing too much might tire, sharing too little is also quite unattractive. People who share too little are unable to form any type of meaningful communication with their partner and end up forming a relationship that is too superficial to last. It is natural, for example, to tell your date about your divorce, but it might be a very bad idea to go into the details of how acrimonious it all was.
  1. You can’t let go of the past. Whether it is your past you can’t let go of or your new partner’s, being stuck in the past is a major relationship mistake. Leave the past behind and open up to new experiences and people. No two people or two relationships are the same, so you should not let your past mar your present.
  1. You have unrealistic relationship expectations.  Even though we all look for perfection, it is one of the biggest relationship mistakes to expect ours to ever be flawless. That would mean we are perfect individuals and, as much as realizing this might hurt, we really are not.

However experienced or careful one may be, we are all bound to make some early relationship mistakes we might regret afterwards. That doesn’t mean our relationships will be unhappy or unsuccessful though, because they evolve and improve just like we do. The most important thing is to find the partner with whom you will want to explore life. If you are single, why not visit AnastasiaDate and meet the one you will want to try and build the perfect relationship with? Also, if you need more dating and relationship advice, you can visit our other blog.