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How To Go Beyond Your Dating Comfort Zone

Whenever we go online to meet people, we usually search for the kinds of people that fit our preferences. When we are on dating apps or dating sites, we make use of the search function to filter the dating profiles we see. This is what we call our dating comfort zone. We’ve established a set of characteristics we want our future partner to have and we stick to them.

Go Out Of Your Dating Comfort Zone

It’s not exactly bad to be in your dating comfort zone, but experts suggest that the best way to find your match is to go out of it. Meet people who you would never usually go for. For example, if you’ve always gone for the bad boy or bad girl type, try going for the boy or girl next door this time.

Making this transition may not be easy for some so, to remedy this, we have some tips for you to consider:

1. Be Aware Of Your Type’s Flaws

You’re likely reading this now because you haven’t had much luck with dating within your comfort zone. It’s obvious that something may not be working for you. Keep in mind that it might be because the type of person you would want to meet has some flaws to him or her. For example, you want to meet someone who is cultured. That’s not a bad thing but there are cultured people who may act elitist.

2. Embrace The Weirdness

Stepping out of your comfort zone will make you cringe and will probably make you feel uncomfortable. That’s the whole point, though. As early as now, you’re going to have to embrace the feeling of meeting new kinds of people. It may be weird, but maybe weird is good for you.

3. Focus On What You’ve Been Missing

As you look back to your dating history, what do you think is the missing ingredient? What do you think you need to look for in a person that you haven’t before? Keep your answers in mind as you go beyond your dating comfort zone.

Of course, you can stay within your comfort zone, but if that hasn’t been working for you for a long time, something has to change. For more tips on how to improve your dating life, read more posts on our blog.