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Does Being Kind Make You More Attractive to Women?

Have you ever wondered what traits are women attracted to the most? Well, today, you are going to know one answer to the question. A lot of times, most men think that they can get any woman with their confidence. To some extent, that’s true, but confidence will not keep a woman in a relationship with a man. It’s actually being kind that does, and it is a trait that ladies cannot resist.

Being Kind Won’t Let You Finish Last

As the saying goes, “Nice guys finish last” but it may not be true anymore, especially in this generation. A recent study revealed that kindness is one of the main traits that women are looking for in a life partner.

Data was collected from about 64,000 women in 180 countries. From among all of these women, 88.9% said that they need to have a partner who makes being kind as a priority. In other words, the person has to be nice, soft-spoken and can show understanding in the bleakest of situations.

One of the researches said that the result may come as a surprise because, these days, most people focus on looks and wealth. Well, to those who are seeking a serious relationship, being good-looking and wealthy just doesn’t cut it. These are traits very attractive to those seeking short-term relationships, but not long-term.

It’s A Must When You’re Dating Online

Now that you know that kindness is pretty big with dating, you have to show off your kindness every chance you get. You can do this by being polite and well-mannered. You can also do this by showing that you are considerate of other people. Put their needs first before your own. Better yet, put the needs of your date first before yours. The standard applies when you are with a lady too – open the door, help her to her chair, and watch what you talk about during your date.

There are so many ways for you to show off your kindness. Lastly, don’t show off a false kind of kindness, it has to be genuine because people can see right through the fakeness. For more dating and relationship tips, read other posts on the blog.