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Who Ever Said That Female Accountants Are Plain & Boring?

When you think of a female accountant, the first image that might go through your mind is a woman, sitting on a desk, crunching numbers all day. That’s, mostly, true. But, while our mental image of how a female accountant is when working is mildly accurate, our misconception of female accountants being plain and boring is just inaccurate.

These Girls Will Change Your Mind About Female Accountants

You may have met a lot of plain Jane accountants in your day, but the smart, exciting and adventurous accountants from Anastasia Date will make you view female accountants in a different way.


AnastasiaDate - Alona - Female Accountant from Europe

Alona is currently studying accounting in Prague. She loves to listen to rock music, and that’s probably why she wore a leather jacket on most of her profile pictures. She is an edgy chick that can solve most number problems.


AnastasiaDate - Natalia - Female Accountant from Europe

Natalia lives in the Ukraine. She describes herself as cheerful and lively. Even though she faces a lot of numbers everyday, which to most of us may make you dull and uninteresting, she maintains her vibrant demeanor with a smile.


AnastasiaDate - Marina - Female Accountant from Europe

Marina is always up for a good book. Reading is one of her habits. Maybe she reads about numbers or does taxes most of her time, but she never fails to go on an outdoor adventure, or two, during her free time.


AnastasiaDate - Alina - Female Accountant from Europe

Alina loves what she does, but, on the side, as she does her accounting jobs for small and middle businesses, she owns her own lingerie shop. If that isn’t exciting enough, we don’t know what is.


AnastasiaDate - Kseniya - Female Accountant from Europe

The fun-loving Kseniya loves to go horse-back riding. She also loves the great outdoors which really shows on the pictures on her profile. She loves the outdoors so much that when it is time to relax, she goes to the park with a book in hand, and reads it under the shade of the trees.

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