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How To Be The Guy Everyone Wants To Hang Out With

Let’s be honest: who doesn’t like being popular? But how can one be the center of his social circle and someone everyone wants to hang out with without trying too hard and seeming too desperate? Let Anastasia Date guide you through the process of making yourself more likable.

How To Be The Kind Of Guy You’d Admire and Someone Everyone Wants To hang Out With

People who are annoying or dull usually have no real concept of their self. This is why they often wonder why they get so many dry smiles and why people generally seem to avoid them or just don’t seek their company. This is how to be someone you’d hang out with if, you know, you weren’t you.

#1. Be polite. The number one rule to making people like you is the one thing your mother tried to teach you when you were 3- to be polite. It’s not just about the “thank you’s” and your “excuse me’s”, it’s about being classy, respectful and mindful or hurting other people’s feelings with your comments or actions. Being polite should be the epicenter of your behavior.

#2. Be a good listener. The second thing to work on is how to be a great listener. Many people nowadays are far more interested in talking than they are in listening to what others have to say. Really listen to what others are saying. Pay attention. Don’t just blankly look at their mouth move as you prepare your reply. Not only will being a good listener make you more likable, it will also make you a lot wiser.

#3. Don’t speak unless you really have something interesting to say. Another piece of advice that has to do with how you conduct a conversation is what to say. Unless you believe that what you say is important or interesting to others, it is better to let someone else talk. To quote Abraham Lincoln’s famous words: “Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt.”

#4. Don’t be loud. Annoying people are very frequently loud. They are the kind of people who will try to sound louder than anyone else in a conversation, even turning it into an argument sometimes. In effect, what a loud person does is seem like he/she is trying too hard to be heard, mostly out of low self-esteem or conceitedness, both of which traits widely seen as undesirable.

#5. Keep a positive body language. At Anastasia Date we have previously talked about the importance of maintaining the right body language, so make sure you stick to the rules. Remember that people standing across the room won’t be able to hear what you are saying, but they will still be able to see the way you carry your body.

#6. Don’t be fake. You can fool people for 5 minutes by pretending to be something you are not, knowing things you don’t, or having experienced things you really haven’t. The truth of the matter is that people nowadays are far wiser than ever before, and thus able to see through others’ fakery very quickly. Be proud of who you are, or try to become someone you are proud of (that’s what this article is all about, after all).

#7. Avoid gossip. As Greek philosopher Socrates said: “Strong minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss events, weak minds discuss people.” When you talk about someone who’s not present, you might momentarily grab the attention of those around you, but they will soon find your action to be petty and small. More importantly, they will lose their trust in you.

#8. Leave your phone alone when you’re around people. With phubbing spreading like an epidemic, be the change. Leave your phone alone when you are with others. Be 100% there in their presence, don’t be distracted. Look them in the eyes when they are talking to you. You won’t believe how much people are going to appreciate it.

At Anastasia Date we believe that making yourself someone you’d also want to be around is not hard. Start with the smaller, everyday changes you can make, like paying someone a compliment, freeing your seat for a woman on the underground, and truly listening to your friends when you go out for a drink. Soon, they will notice this great transformation and you will notice your popularity rise and your love life get better.