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Should You Be Listening To Every Love Advice?

When it comes to love, there’s definitely no shortage of relationship advice on TV, the internet, the radio, magazines, books – you name it. That’s because love and romantic relationships are important in our society. But, should you be listening or following every love advice you read or hear? What is Anastasia Date’s take on this? Let’s talk about the answer.

Should You Always Follow Love Advice?

Because there is a slew of information that is readily available to us, it’s no surprise that most people today are so well-informed, but we do have to consider where the information is e on the matter? The top tip for you to remember is to check your sources. Here are easy questions you can ask yourself to determine if your source is reliable or not:

1. Is the source an authority?

When we say authority, we mean the source has been around for years and has had enough experience in the industry to comment on love and relationships. For example, if an online dating site has been in operation for ten years or more, it’s safe to say they know what they’re talking about when it comes to connecting people through the internet.

2. Is the source basing their advice on scientific studies?

There are a lot of websites who base their love advice on a writer’s personal experience, and there are those sites who have behavioral and social studies backing up their relationship advice.

What is Anastasia Date’s stand on this? You have to go with the post with science backing it up because it usually paints the likeliest scenario. If you base your choice on a writer’s experience, it might not apply to your specific situation.

3. Is the expert giving the advice?

Who do you think are specialists in the field of love or dating? There are plenty. You have your dating gurus and your Ph.D. experts. You also have important relationship writers who have published books with excellent reviews. It is these experts that you can take advice from.

When it comes to love and relationship, whatever advice you follow will always be a hit or miss, to tell you the truth. There is no exact formula for the perfect relationship and, most of the time, we have to do the best that we can to make things work. Now you know what Anastasia Date’s take on this is. For more dating tips, see more of our posts on the blog. Don’t forget to drop by the Anastasia Date website too.