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Basic Russian Dating Etiquette for Foreign Men

Etiquette is conventionally defined as the customary code of polite behavior in society or among members of a particular profession or group. Each country and society will always have a set of etiquette to be followed according to customs and traditions and the general acceptance of society. With this, if you have your heart set on finding and keeping a Russian beauty as your partner, it will be good for you to study a bit of the Russian culture. Here is a quick crash course on the basic etiquette for Russian dating.

How You Need To Behave When Doing Russian Dating

The Elusive Smile

Russia is one of the cultures that don’t encourage smiling at people you don’t know.  Smiles are often reserved for acquaintances and friends simply because their culture does not equate politeness with smiling. Not like in the west that service will always (ideally) be given with a smile, in Russia, not unless you and your server have been formerly introduced. When in Russia, avoid smiling at people you don’t know and most especially, wait to be introduced to her family before smiling at them. Russians tend to translate a smile from a stranger as being made fun of. To avoid offending her family upon picking her up the first time, please avoid smiling at them before introduction.

Gifts, Trinkets, and Tokens

As with most Eastern European nations, visiting a home empty handed is considered rude and of bad manners. Etiquette dictates that, especially if you are visiting her home the first time, you bring with you gifts or small tokens for your receiving host/hostess. A fine bottle of wine and a nice cake to go with it would suffice. But of course, never forget the odd numbered flowers for your date. And also, keep in mind that every time you visit your lady friend’s home, you will need to bring something. Better do your research so you can bring a certain type of food everyone in the household likes.

Spending the Night

Even with a serious dating relationship, it is still frowned upon for a man to spend the night with a woman whom he is not engaged to yet. Once in a while, let’s say you get caught in a storm after seeing her home, then, yes, it may be overlooked. But, if you truly respect her and her culture, you would make it a point to have your place of lodging.

The Man Pays

In Russian dating, the gender roles are still very conventional where the man pays for the dinner, the movie and basically everything on the date. Even if your beautiful date offers to pay half, you should decline as etiquette dictates you should shoulder the bill. On a quick side note, there will be ladies who don’t even have their wallets with them on dates. So just make sure that you can cover all expenses. Eventually, once the relationship progresses to a more serious one, you and your lady will be able to discuss matters of finances and the like. But while on the early dating stages, prepare yourself, and your wallet.

The Lady Decides When To Be Intimate, Anywhere, Equally So In Russian Dating

In the west, there is what we call a “third-date rule”. No such thing exists in Russian dating. Here, intimacy is played by ear and is most especially dictated by the readiness of your lady. She will need time to warm up to you and to gauge how serious you are with her. Be patient. She probably has had her own run of being dated by a sex tourist at one point, or, if not her, some close friend or relative. Be a gentleman. In a society with rigid gender roles, men are expected to be gentlemen. If you want to make sure you keep your Russian lady, you will have to surpass the performance of the males around her.

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