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Why Men Who Are Average Looking Get More Dates Online

Men who are into online dating post the best photos of themselves to attract the most beautiful women on the internet. There’s nothing wrong with this, of course, because it is suggested that you present yourself in the best light to find a good match. However, you may want to choose a photo that doesn’t make you look too handsome because you could get more dates online.

To Get More Dates Online, Upload Average Photos Of Yourself

This tip may sound contradictory, but a study done by experts from the University of Oxford Internet Institute found that average-looking men get more responses and dates. Researchers analyzed over ten years of dating data.

Men who rate their looks a five or six out of ten receive more messages than those who rate their looks as ten over ten. We always think that the best-looking guys get all the girls, but they’re actually not that popular.

The ideal attractiveness score for men is either a six or a seven. While, for females, it’s an eight or a nine, based on the research.

Why A Six Or A Seven?

In theory, men with average looks (a rating of six or seven) come off as more realistic and relatable. For example, if you look like Brad Pitt and you post your photos on your online dating profile, ladies online may think that you are merely grabbing someone else’s photos.

Great-looking men, from a lady’s perspective, don’t need to be dating online since they are probably popular with the ladies offline. Of course, this is just a theory. But, with the hundreds of catfishing stories we come across every day, the result of the study isn’t surprising at all.

Heed This Lesson

So, what can men learn from this study and the result it provides? It’s simple. The main lesson is here is not to focus on looks too much. If you’re worried that you’re not as good-looking as some people, stop worrying. You might just be more popular than the other guys that you’re so worried about.

Be yourself. Learn to accept and love your looks as they are. If you can enhance the way you look with some exercise and healthy eating, then great. But, you shouldn’t worry too much about trivial things like baldness, a receding hairline, a crooked nose and the like. For more tips on how to get more dates online, read other posts on the blog.