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How To Attract Russian ladies

How many times have you read that dominant males tend to attract Russian ladies easier? Is there some truth to this? The direct answer is YES! The truth is, a lot of females are attracted to men who are dominant but you should be very clear what dominance means. Most ladies will tell you that they want someone who’s nice, and do you think that clashes with the dominant trait? Well, that’s not true.

So we’ve established that. Now, how can men be “dominant” to attract Russian ladies both online and offline? What does it even mean to be a “dominant” male? Let’s clarify.

Dominant Male Characteristics Which Attract Russian Ladies

Quiet Confidence

First off, believing in yourself is different from being boastful. Being boastful or being too confident indicates that a man is compensating for something. Men are confidently quiet when they act more than they speak. That is what attracts Russian ladies – it’s not about how men say that they’re confident, it’s when men ACT confidently, but careful of other people’s feelings at the same time.

Bragging is definitely out of the picture. You won’t attract a gorgeous Russian woman by being puffy and pounding on your chest. Remember that actions speak louder than words.

In Making Decisions

There is such a thing as an alpha female and she makes the decisions for herself most of the time. In fact, this is how Russian females are. They are independent, they are strong and most of them are pretty driven when it comes to life and career. This kind of woman needs a man who is even stronger than her, someone who she can rely on. There will be a point where your woman is sick or tired of doing everything by herself. Then you can show her how you can be of help.  By asking and offering.

In Stepping Down

So this is confusing. How can you make decisions and step down at the same time? That’s a valid point. The answer is simple. A true dominant man will know when to take the lead and when to give up the reins. You have to let the Russian woman be her own woman. Russian women are like sand. If you hold on too tight, the sand will  escape through the small crevices in your hands, but if you cup your hands just right, the sand will stay put. This, actually, applies to most women so make sure you develop the skill to recognize when you need to let her be her.

It’s Take it or Leave it

As a dominant man, you should have this “take it, or leave it” attitude. You should be allowed to be a man yourself so if she’s not into what you want then don’t force her. If you’re not into what she wants, she shouldn’t force you too. Before the relationship, it’s a good way to show that you also have a life that doesn’t revolve around meeting Russian girls and during the relationship, it’s a good way to make room for both parties to be themselves.

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