How AnastasiaDate Applies Safety and Security to Payments

How Does AnastasiaDate Safety and Security WorkSafety and security are one of the site’s highest priority, next to keeping a close eye on the activities on the site.

Having been founded in 1993, the company, as a whole, has gained valuable insight on the happenings of both the online and the offline dating world. It’s the years of experience that has allowed AnastasiaDate safety and security to develop, bringing the best services possible to its members.

How AnastasiaDate Safety and Security is Applied to Payments

This aims at providing the best service has been extended to when members make payments. Definitely, anyone will be worried when doing financial transactions online, but with AnastasiaDate, there’s really nothing to worry about and here’s why.

There are three ways on how members can pay for services:

  • Credit Card
  • Paypal
  • Skrill

If you’re not familiar with Skrill, you can read their About Page here. In a nutshell, it is an e-Commerce company that facilitates payments and money transfers via the internet, with minimal costs for international transactions. It is very similar to Paypal.

Although transactions via these e-Commerce sites are done on the internet, there is no need to worry about safety because Anastasiadate safety precautions are observed. Payments done via Skrill and Paypal are done on HTTPS Servers.

What are HTTPS Servers and How can they ensure AnastasiaDate Safety and Security?

The longer name of HTTPS is Hyper Text Transport Protocol Secure. This security measure is commonly used when the following activities or transactions take place on a website:

  • Transfer of personal information
  • Transfer of transaction data in e-commerce (your payment, for example)
  • Transfer of any other sensitive data

HTTPS protects these activities by encrypting the information and sending it to a secure server. Is this sound too technical again? A better way for you to understand this process would be to imagine a straight line connecting two points: point A and B.

With an unsecured connection, there is no protection if points A and B decide to communicate or swap info through the straight line. With HTTPS, the line in between the points is secured with complex puzzle that only points A and B can solve.

How About Safety with Credit Cards and Debit Cards?

As you may have heard on the video, members will be required to key in their CVV number. CVV stands for Card Verification Value. It can be found at the back of credit cards, debit cards and ATM cards. Your CVV number is short but it establishes your identity as the owner of the card. It also minimizes the risk for fraud.

Safety and Security with VeriSign

VeriSign is a company that provides registry and internet security services. What members need to know about VeriSign is this: it is an added security that verifies different processes on the site. It does digital verification and it examines traditional documents that contain valuable information.

Safety and Security on Payments is a Top Priority

With these AnastasiaDate’s security measures, you don’t need to worry about inputting your personal information as well as certain financial information on the site as you complete your profile and/or purchase services. You can go about online dating with peace of mind. This is AnastasiaDate’s goal, after all – to give its members the best dating experience possible.