Could your relationship be in danger? AnastasiaDate describes the greatest relationship mistakes.

AnastasiaDate Reveals: Relationship Mistakes You Must Avoid Like The Plague

Despite our best efforts to be perfect partners, every now and then we slip up and make our partner unhappy or make a fool of ourselves or even put our whole relationship on the line. Nobody is perfect, but there are small errors and then there are huge relationship mistakes – which ones are you making? AnastasiaDate explains why they are important and what to do to fix things.

AnastasiaDate: These Are The Biggest Relationship Mistakes You Can Make

Giving too much emphasis on the wrong things, communication breakdowns, wrong assumptions and the desire to change your partner can be devastating to your relationship. But it’s best that we examine them more closely.

Mistake number 1: expecting to have a relationship taken out of a soap opera. If you think life is a soap opera, it’s no wonder you’re facing relationship troubles. People in soap operas live a glamorous life where they can be successful professionals, partners who are always in the mood (and physical state) to jump into bed with their other half, friends who are always available for each other, and parents who have perfect control over their children. Well, life doesn’t work this way, as you may have noticed. So, it’s ok to not always be in the mood to fool around, it’s perfectly fine if your girlfriend needs some time to see her neglected friends, and it is impossible to be perfect at everything at the same time. Prioritize and be understanding of yourself and your partner.

Mistake number 2: You think she knows what you don’t say and that you know what she wants to say before she does. This is mainly the trap that people in long-term relationships fall into. It’s what happens when you think you know your partner so well that you can read their minds without them saying a word. And then, when they actually speak you don’t bother to listen, thinking you already know what’s on their mind. It is very probable that she is doing the same. As a result, you both think what you want to think and there is no real communication between you. Practically, this means that your arguments are more frequent and less productive as time goes by, for the simple reason that unless you truly open your ears to what she is saying and stop assuming you know, there is no way you can ever make any kind of improvement in your relationship.

Mistake number 3: You’re in love with who you want her to be, not who she is. Sounds bad, doesn’t it? That’s because it is bad. Sometimes we are so desperate to fall in love with someone, or we get so blinded by infatuation, that we see the potential in a partner, but don’t appreciate who they really are. Some people can’t get over their Pygmalion stage, where they are in love with their own creation and not what’s already there. To avoid making this huge relationship mistake, know your standards and preferences and don’t be afraid to go after a woman who already ticks these boxes for who she is, not what you’d like her to be.

Mistake number 4: Too many people involved. If you’re the sociable type, you may have a large circle of people around you on whom you confide and whose advice and opinions you take into account. There is nothing wrong with that, as long as you remember that in relationships “3 is a crowd” and the leading characters in your personal life film are just you and her. Taking people’s opinions too seriously and caring too much about what others think of you and your relationship can be a very serious mistake, as you can never really tell the kind of agenda others may have.

On AnastasiaDate we’re not into judging, we’re sure there must be many things you are doing right. But if you’re making one or more of these huge relationship mistakes, you can always make changes and be more satisfied with your love life.

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