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AnastasiaDate: Gorgeous Runners Who’ll Run Straight To You

Running is a great way to keep fit. Science says it also gives your mood a boost because it releases happy hormones in your body. So, if you date an AnastasiaDate runner, you’ll be dating a person who is healthy, gorgeous, and happy.

Meet The AnastasiaDate Ladies That Has Made Running Into A Lifestyle

Well,  with the AnastasiaDate girls on our list this week, it’s evident that they have made running their lifestyle – they look fantastic and their cheerfulness can be seen in their eyes and smile. Let’s meet them:


Daria - AnastasiaDate

Daria is our first runner on this list. She is from Ukraine, and especially likes to go on trail runs. She would like to date someone who also loves to run or hike. She mentions that she would someday want this special someone to visit her, and run the forests of Ukraine.


Angelina - AnastasiaDate

Angelina has more of a sensitive side. Aside from running, she loves to watch romantic movies. When she’s too into the movie, she says that she almost always cries at the end. Maybe, you should bring a hanky when you’re on your date.


Ekaterina - AnastasiaDate

You already know that Ekaterina loves to run, but what you may not know is that she also loves to dance. More specifically, she loves to go Latin dancing. The reasons behind this interest in Latin dances is because she thinks it’s the most passionate form of moving your body.


Vladislava - AnastasiaDate

Vladislava describes herself as cheerful. She says that the most important accessory any girl can have to make herself look beautiful is a smile. She would like to meet someone who is as positive as her one day.


Olesya - AnastasiaDate

Olesya is a real beauty, and it’s most likely because she runs almost everyday. But, aside from running, she also loves to take photos of interesting places and people. If you date her, be ready to go on several adventures so she can take the photos she wants.

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