anastasiadatecom Reasons Why Your Dating Life Is Unsuccessful

Place your best foot forward – that’s what most experts would suggest so we can improve our dating life. This advice is very practical, but the problem is we all have a different interpretation of placing our best foot forward. has some suggestions to resolve this dilemma. Being Your Best Isn’t Always Enough

Let’s start from the very beginning. Dating is a skill. More specifically, it’s a skill that allows you to connect with people. Hence, the focus when you’re dating should be to achieve a connection. Most of the time, we don’t achieve a connection because we’re focused on projecting a personality or character that we think might captivate our date. We put ourselves on a higher pedestal, mentioning our achievements or displaying an excessive level of confidence.

Another reason why we may be unsuccessful in our dating life is that we don’t know how to flirt. We put our best selves out there but, deep inside, we may still be struggling with approaching strangers, making small talk, and flirting.

How To Get Past These Obstacles

The solutions are plain and simple – focus on your communication skills. Here are some suggestions on how you can do this:

  • It sounds cliche but practice makes perfect. You don’t necessarily have to go on dates to improve your dating skills. Since the focus is on communication, try and approach random strangers to make small talk.
  • Ask suggestions from friends of the opposite gender. Showcase your flirting skills and let your friends give you some suggestions.
  • Be consistent with your practice. When you have downtime at work, why not try and work on your communication skills. Talk to the people around you and try to connect with them.

As soon as you improve your communication and connection skills, you’ll be able to feel a significant difference when you are dating. Approaching strangers won’t be as intimidating, and you won’t have to project a false kind of confidence. In addition, you’ll be focused more on making that essential connection as you have a conversation with your date.

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