Sunday Was The Busiest For Online Dating You’ve Just Missed The Busiest Day For Online Dating

If you were asked about what you thought is the best and busiest day for online dating, what day would you pick? Many would say Friday because it’s the logical choice. You get off from work then you go online. You have enough time to meet people because it’s going to be the weekend the day after. However, begs to differ. If this is your train of thought, then you’re off by a few days. Sunday Is The Best & Busiest

According to a report, last Sunday was the busiest and best day for online dating. Numerous sites were able to see a spike in the people that visited their website as well as their memberships. It’s not just dating sites too. Dating apps were also reported to have made more matches during last Sunday (the first Sunday of the year).

Why The First Sunday Of The Year?

So what’s with Sunday? Why is it the busiest day for online dating? Traditionally, Sunday has always been busy for those who want to meet people online. It’s not just the first Sunday of the year but almost all of the Sundays within the year.

Logically, however, the first week of the year is usually when people fulfill their new year’s resolutions. This is probably the culprit behind the increase in statistics.

What Does The Data Tell Us?

Now that you know the busiest day of the week for online dating, what do you do with the information?

First off, there’s a very important point that the numbers are telling us. People are becoming more adventurous when it comes to finding their mate. The focus has shifted from the bar scene to the digital scene. It may be important to focus your efforts on the same medium for meeting potential dates.

Second, plainly, the data tells us that we have to do our online dating on a Sunday. It might just bring us better responses because more people will be online.

Try dating on a Sunday and test the data out. For more updates on online dating, check more posts from our blog.