anastasiadate com Anastasia Date These Doctors Will Mend Your Broken Heart

Everyone has suffered from a broken heart at least once in their life. Too bad for all of us that we can’t, exactly, go to a medical professional who specializes on curing broken hearts because there is none. There is no doctor for broken hearts. Luckily, might have a good solution to this. The Doctors That Mend Hearts With One Stare

Because there is no such thing as a doctor for the love-hurt, our next best bet is to find beauties who might be able to mend our hearts back into what it was before. put together a list of such beauties:


Anna | AnastaisaDate Lady

Anna is our first beauty, from Ukraine. She would like to meet someone who is tender, kind and intelligent. She says that she has these preferences because she also thinks that she has these qualities. Her aim is to meet someone who is as compassionate as her.


Ana-Marie | AnastasiaDate Lady

Ana-Marie is a doctor who has exquisite taste. She mentions that her taste also extends to the kind of man she wants to meet – she’s looking to meet someone sophisticated, with a good sense of style, and loves the finer things in life.


Kseniya | AnastasiaDate Lady

This mender of hearts is named Kseniya. She likes to think of herself as someone who is kind. Her profession is perfect for her because kindness is a trait that she values most. Describing her perfect man, she says that she wants someone she can totally rely on.


Anastasia | AnastasiaDate Lady

Do you know what trait or characteristic this doctor is attracted to the most? Anastasia is attracted to persistence. She says that it is the one thing that most men around her lack. Now you know the secret to this beauty’s heart.


Olga | AnastasiaDate Lady

Other than her medical calling, Olga has a calling to travel. According to her, she’s done quite a bit of traveling before, but has since slowed down to give dating a shot. Who she would like to meet is another wandering soul who yearns for unique experiences, like her.

Are these doctors’ stares enough for you to get over your broken heart? Great if they are, but if you’re looking for more, will have another list for you real soon. In the meantime, check out other lists of ladies from our blog here.