| Beard Will Change Your Dating Life, Here's How Beard Will Change Your Dating Life, Here’s How

Men have always debated whether they need to shave or just grow their beard out. Well, they don’t really debate about it when November comes since some men practice No Shave November. But generally, whether to have or not is ultimately based on their beardedness, or the lack thereof, on ladies’ preferences. found a research that suggests that you should always go with the facial hair. Science Says Keep The Beard

research entitled “The Masculinity Paradox” aimed to study how females choose mates. Computer graphics were used to morph male features and give the male face varying degrees facial hair – from clean-shaven to having a full beard.

All 8520 female participants were then asked to rate variations on the features as well as the facial hair with regards to relationship contexts – a short-term fling or a long-term relationship.

The Results

The research concluded that beards signal men’s age and masculine social dominance. A strong brow ridge and a more robust jawline, on the other hand, may indicate the health of a male.

It was also found that there was a strong connection between beardedness and masculinity:

  • Participants viewed clean-shaven men whose faces were morphed to be more masculine and feminine were less attractive than ones that were not manipulated.
  • Men with stubble had the highest rating for attractiveness. Men with stubble were also rated the highest for flings and short love affairs.
  • Men with full beards, on the other hand, were attractive to women who were searching for a potential husband.

The Summary

So, to put it simply, women are more attracted to men who have facial hair, whatever the relationship preference. suggests that if you want to have more flings, make sure you have pictures on your online dating profile with your stubble. If you want to attract a wife, grow out a beard.

Are you tempted to see if the results of this research can indeed help you with your dating life? Grow out your beard, leave your stubble as is, and let’s see what happens.

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