Anastasia Dating: Is it possible to dial up and dial down love?

Anastasia Dating: Can we dial up and dial down love?

Here’s an Anastasia dating fact: nobody has ever thought of love as something that can be controlled by our will. Love is a volatile chemical substance – unpredictable, can burst at any moment, rapidly changing, and uncontrollable. With all the relationships that most of us have had, we can attest to how crazy we can be when we’re in love. A recent study, however, suggests something entirely different.

Anastasia Dating Update: Increasing and Decreasing Love

Scientists call this phenomenon “love regulation.” Behavioral and cognitive strategies were used to boost passion or the intensity of love. Other approaches were utilized in the study to decrease the sensation of love. It’s hard to believe, but the results say it all.

How the Study Was Conducted

Sandra Langeslag from the University of Missouri-St. Louis and Jan van Strien from Erasmus University Rotterdam invited 40 participants to take an exam. Each participant was required to bring around 30 photos of their current or former flame. Half of the group was in a relationship and the other half recently went through a heartbreak.

The technique that the researchers applied is called “reappraisal.” Basically, to reappraise the love they have, positive aspects of their current or former partner was focused on and highlighted. The downsides of their partner or former love were targeted during the downward regulation.

So, What do the Results Mean?

We can regulate every other emotion we feel so why not love, right? Now that there is scientific evidence that points out that we, humans, have the ability to dial up or dial down love, we should realize that we have the potential to see the positive in all things.

The results of this interesting study tell us that falling out of love is a choice. Focusing on the negative won’t do any good for your relationship nor will it help improve the dynamics you have with your partner. Anastasia Dating recommends that you make a habit out of searching for the good in everything.

Do this as an exercise for about a week and then come back and tell us how your relationship has improved. We’d love to hear from you in the comments section below. For more dating updates, don’t hesitate to visit the rest of the Anastasia Dating blog.