Anastasia Dates You Shouldnt Pursue Happiness Heres Why

Anastasia Dates: You Shouldn’t Pursue Happiness, Here’s Why

Aren’t we always told to pursue happiness above all else? Our pursuits would be different of course. Like, for some people, happiness comes in the form of finding their true love, for some, it comes in the form of traveling, for others, it is settling down and having kids. Whatever our happiness is, we always seem to build our life with our personal form of happiness as the end goal. However, Anastasia Dates came across a research saying that our pursuit of happiness could be in vain.

Anastasia Dates: Research Says That Seeking Happiness Can Be A Problem

Iris Mauss, a social psychologist at U.C. Berkeley, studied the possible negative consequences of seeking happiness. In her research, she found that people who find it necessary to be happy have more mental health problems, which includes depression. Another one of her experiments revealed that there could be a connection between seeking happiness and being lonely.

Studying Our Pursuits Of Happiness

Mauss and her colleagues instructed participants of their study to rate how much they agreed with the statement “feeling happy is extremely important to me”. They, then, asked for the participants to keep records of moments when they feel stressed or lonely. The researchers found out that the participants who valued happiness more were more likely to feel alone when under pressure or stress.

Does This Mean We Should Stop Looking For Happiness?

Based on this research, if we make happiness a top priority, we may end up being disappointed and lonely. So, does this mean that we should stop looking for or doing things that make us happy? Not at all.

We should still aim to be happy, but happiness should not be something we consider a goal. We should all remember that our happiness naturally occurs as a consequence of working hard, making other people happy, and, ironically, accepting negative aspects of our lives we can do nothing about.

The biggest lesson that we need to learn with this Anastasia Date post is that we need to be more realistic about what we consider as our happiness. Instead of focusing on owning a big house, a fancy car, with tons of money in the bank, we should concentrate more on non-material aspects that absolutely make us happy.

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