Anastasia Dates | What You Should Never Give Up When Dating

Anastasia Dates: What You Should Never Give Up When Dating

It’s good to fantasize about the world stopping when you finally meet the person of your dreams. It’s not a sin if you imagine your first kiss involving the most spectacular display of fireworks at the background either. Ahhh, what a romantic spectacle it would be if these scenarios happened, but we at Anastasia Dates have to draw the line of reality at some point.

Anastasia Dates: Things You Should Never Compromise When Finding A Partner

It’s a good thing to have your head out of the clouds. Society tells us that we cannot have a fairytale ending like Cinderella’s or Snow White’s. And, society is right. Nothing’s perfect, and that includes relationships and our potential significant others.

But, while we are on our journey to finding the not so perfect love of our lives, there are things we should never give up.

1. Our Identity

Loving a person sometimes means that you change for the better, but changing for the better is different from changing who you are. We should never change who we are so the person we’re interested in will like us.

2. What We Expect From The Relationship

Society says to lower our expectations so we can find a partner quicker. Well, this is one thing that society has gotten wrong. We should never lower our expectations for the sake of having a shallow kind of relationship. Of course, there are relationship expectations that we can adjust to, but it is the expectations we’re passionate about that we should hold on to.

3. A Passionate Connection

The next thing we should never give up on when we are searching for our future significant other is a passionate connection. There’s no attraction without connection, and the passion has to be included in the equation because it is the fire that makes us feel alive.

4. Commitment

Last but not the least is commitment. Not all of your relationships have to be committed if you don’t want to, or if you are not ready for it yet. But, once you are, you have to make sure that you are with someone who has the same level of desire for commitment as you do.

Anastasia Dates hopes that you remember all these four things when you’re in the dating scene. These will help you find the right person or wait for one. For more dating tips, check out more Anastasia Dates posts on our blog, and don’t forget to drop by the dating site to meet women who may be your future significant other.