Anastasia Date presents a new study that examines the way we share our relationships' details on social media.

Anastasia Date: Unexpected Sign Your Relationship May Be In Trouble

There is no doubt that the social media have changed our lives for good, affecting even the way we act in our romantic relationships. Anastasia Date presents a new study into people’s habits regarding social media and how much they are willing to share about their relationships, revealing that oversharing may be a sign of trouble.

Anastasia Date Explains Why Too Much Social Media Exposure Is Bad News

A study conducted by researchers from Northwestern University, Evanston, IL, USA,  Haverford College, PA, USA, and  University of Toronto Mississauga, Ontario, Canada titled “Can You Tell That I’m in a Relationship? Attachment and Relationship Visibility on Facebook”, came to some really interesting conclusions regarding the things our social media behavior shows about our relationships today.

According to the research, which was made up of 3 different studies, partners who feel the need to share too much information about their personal lives on Facebook are really insecure about their relationships.

How Much Should We Share?

Even though it is OK to share the odd vacation photograph or a personal moment or two with our Facebook friends and Instagram followers, it turns out that being too anxious to prove how happy and loved-up we are is a  clear sign that deep down we are not convinced of these things ourselves.

Apparently, people who are content in exciting relationships are too busy enjoying themselves and spending quality time together to care about the way others see them or to spend too much time uploading details of their (supposed) bliss, so they may even choose to keep their relationships offline altogether.

A Word Of Advice by Anastasia Date

So, Anastasia Date’s advice is that the next time you feel the urge to post your and your partner’s whereabouts or that pic of your candlelit dinner, you should ask yourself what is the deeper need inside you that’s making you want to show the world where, when and how you spend your time with your significant other. Could it be that you are seeking the approval of others because you are feeling that your relationship is not strong enough?