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Anastasia Date Tips: What Annoys Russian Ladies

Sometimes, men can’t help it if their annoying, obnoxious side is showing. It’s normal for you guys to behave this way, now and then, because, as the saying goes, boys will be boys. But this might be a problem for Anastasia Date ladies.

Anastasia Date Advises: Get On Her Good Side

If you want to date Russian women online successfully, you have to stay on their good side at all times, or at least try to. To do that, you have to know what to avoid. Anastasia Date will tell you exactly what NOT to do:

1. Make fun of her superstitious beliefs.

Did you know that Russian people are very superstitious? Yes, it’s part of their culture. The first time you hear Russian superstitions, you may think they are strange, but never make fun of them.

Anastasia Date Suggestion: Embrace the culture, and keep an open mind about things that you find strange.

2. More of your inappropriate jokes!

If you think she’s amused, think again. Inappropriate jokes make Russian ladies believe that you might be suggesting something sexual. These types of jokes may be funny to you, but it’s annoying the heck out the ladies you meet online.

Anastasia Date Suggestion: Learn the difference between flirting and making inappropriate jokes. Making rude jokes is also different from having a sense humor.

3. Talk over her.

Talking over someone is just plain rude. When online dating, one way to put your best foot forward is to listen to the person on the other line. Don’t interrupt and talk at the same time she is!

4. Talk about boring things.

One thing that annoys a Russian lady is a boring conversation. You have to improve your speaking skills for this one. You also have to be sensitive enough to know when the Russian girl is disinterested in what you’re talking about.

Anastasia Date Suggestion: Do your research and get some help from other posts on our blog regarding dating Eastern European women.

5. Preserve your unkempt appearance.

If you don’t take pride in the way you look, how would you attract a beautiful Russian female? Your appearance is something that can be overlooked, but it does show if you don’t take care of yourself well. Try to brush your hair and trim your beard before your video chat.

Remember, these are the things you need to avoid. Do this, and you’ll have a better chance at finding a Russian girlfriend online. What do you think of these Anastasia date tips? Share your thoughts in the comments and don’t forget to check out more posts on our blog.