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Anastasia Date: How To Deal With A Partner Who’s Always Traveling

Traveling is good for the soul but is it good for the relationship? Anastasia Date answers this question today. As we date online, one of the most eye-catching phrases a person can have on their dating profile is “loves to travel”, “has traveled the world”, or something similar. But, when we actually date a person with the case of the wanderlust, it’s likely that we can feel neglected when they’re always traveling, especially when we are not traveling with them. How do you deal with this feeling of being unwanted?

Anastasia Date Explains Why Honesty Is The Best Policy

Whether it be for leisure or for work, dating a person who is traveling a lot can seem like the person may be neglecting your relationship. If you feel this way, Anastasia Date suggests that it’s best for you to be honest with your partner. Keeping what you feel to yourself will not help your cause. For all you know, the person you’re dating may be assuming that you are OK with his or her traveling. Here’s what you do:

1. Time your talk perfectly.

Bottling up your feelings can make you explode at any time, we get it. But, bottle your emotions a little longer until the time is right. Make sure that your significant other is at his or her best state to listen to you. He or she has to be rested. At the same time, your partner’s next travel date has to be way down the line from when you are planning your talk.

2. Pour it out, one glass at a time.

When it’s time to open your bottle, make sure that you don’t pour everything all at once. It could be tempting to do so, but this won’t help address how you feel. Talk slowly, and go through your topics in a paced manner so you can be sure that your partner gets your point.

3. Be honest.

Remember that the main purpose of this talk is to come up with a solution, so if you sugar-coat what you want to say or you hold something back because you fear that your partner might not receive it well, you’ll be farther away from what you want to achieve. Be honest, tell your partner exactly how you feel.

We can’t tell our partner to stop traveling because it’s like telling this person to stop what they love doing. If your partner gets where you’re coming from, both of you can come up with a solution to address your feeling of neglect. You can video call often, text often, or even travel with your partner often.

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