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Always Assume You’ll Be Successful In Dating, Here’s Why

Assume – a word that many of us often use. It means “I expect something to be this way without any proof or evidence.” For example, if you say “I assume that it’s going to rain tomorrow,” it means that you’re just guessing what the weather’s going to be like without checking tomorrow’s forecast. That doesn’t sound too positive. But, here’s where you can use “assuming” to good use and it has a lot to do with how successful in dating you’ll be.

How The Theory Applies To Being Successful In Dating

Did you know that the more you assume a relationship to be successful, the more likely it will be? It also goes without saying that if you believe an online relationship will fail, it’s more likely that it will. Let’s take a look at scenarios that can best explain why assuming the success or failure of a relationship will eventually end up according to what you assumed.

Assumptions Set the Mood

First off, assumptions are like setting your mind to think in a certain way. It’s all psychological, but the main thing to remember is that you “set the mood” your mind is in when you assume things. It can also be likened to setting expectations. If you do this before you do your online chat sessions, you are basically predicting the turnout.

Negative Assumptions

It was mentioned that making assumptions can “set the mood” for your mind. With negative assumptions, you’re setting your mind up to think negative thoughts. Something good does happen when online dating, but you dismiss it because that’s not how you set up your perception.

Positive Assumptions

Let’s talk about one positive assumption that most online daters want to happen: successfully find a match. If you are hopeful and you assume, right off the bat, that you will find that special someone as soon as you sign up to a dating site, it will likely happen. This is because you focus on the positive. The negative stuff gets pushed back into the background. The negative aspects do not matter since they are not your primary focus.

In the world of online dating, it’s always an advantage to assume for good things to come into your life and in your online dating relationship. Do this so you can better your chance of finding your match online. Share this if you found it helpful and don’t forget to visit our blog daily!