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Alone Or Lonely, Which Is Your Current Mental State?

Being lonely is a state of mind while being alone literally means that you have nobody with you. So what mental state are you in right now? Most of us cannot tell the difference between those mentioned, sad to say. And, as a result, it is greatly affecting our dating life, messing with the interactions you might be having with ladies or men.

Even If You’re Single, You Don’t Have To Be In A Lonely Mental State

Unfortunately, most single these days are in a lonely state of mind. It’s not just because they are alone. Loneliness has a lot of factors that contribute to its emergence. Before, going into these factors, the first step is for you to check your mental state. How exactly do you feel? Alone or lonely?

Lonely Mental State

  • Lonely singles don’t like to be on their own. Whatever it is they are doing, it should be done with another person. Lonely people tend to have a certain kind of dependency on others. It could be a friend, a family member, a posse, or a partner, it doesn’t matter. They just have to do things, like work or errands, with other people.
  • Lonely singles always want to be in a relationship. It seems that if they are not in a relationship, the void in the hearts and lives of lonely people get magnified. In order to fill that void, they immediately seek another date when the current relationship fizzles. They do this in the hope of finding an immediate replacement and not be lonely again.

Alone Mental State

  • Singles who are alone enjoy their “me time.” These people are pretty independent. They enjoy and, even, highly value their “me time”. They can eat in restaurants or even watch a movie or a show alone. They can enjoy their drink in a bar without needing a date. Their “me time” is their time to unwind, relax, and even think things through.
  • There are people who feel energized after spending time alone. While some people feel sad and down when they are not with others, there are those who enjoy their alone time and are actually refreshed after that period. It seems that being with other people can have a draining effect while a downtime alone can inversely be therapeutic.

So what mental state are you in right now? Are you a lonely person or someone who just likes to be alone? Feeling lonely is not healthy. Whatever the underlying cause is, you need to deal with it and start seeing the benefits of spending time by yourself. It will greatly improve your personality and even the quality of your relationships in the near future. For more tips, make sure to read other posts on the blog.