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This Is How Age Difference Affects Your Online Dating Success

Most of us believe that age is just a number or a state of mind. We also believe that it’s something that’s not factored in when it comes to love. While the first statement has some truth to it, the second one probably needs a bit of adjusting. Because dating isn’t what it used to be, it’s important to look at age as an important factor, especially when it comes to online dating success.

The Role Of Age Difference In Your Online Dating Success

One study revealed that age, indeed, influences the online dating decisions we make. It turns out, men who send messages to women who are of the same age or older get about 4% more responses than usual. The percentage drops to 3% when men message women who are ten years younger than them. Here are other interesting findings in percentages:

What Men Want

  • 13% of the male participants say that they want to meet women their age.
  • 44% of the same respondents say that they prefer women of the same age bracket.
  • While 59% say they want someone younger.

What Women Want

  • 56% of women participants said that they like older men.
  • 14% of the females said that they would like a man who’s the same age as them.
  • 45% said that they wanted a man who is in the similar age bracket.

Lesson In The Numbers

There are valuable lessons that are key takeaways for us to achieve online dating success. For women, you’ll likely get better responses when you message men who are older than you. Try five years older.

For men, on the other hand, you have to be mindful of your online date’s age. If she is ten years younger than you, it might be a problem. You’ll have better luck if you contact younger women with a non-significant difference in age than yours.

This study proves that age difference does matter. It can dictate your online dating success or failure. The next time you approach someone who is younger or older than you, think about what you read here. For more dating and online dating updates, read our blog.