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Best Advice For Getting Dates Through A Dating App

It’s not just through dating websites that we meet people nowadays. Everything has been made convenient and handy through technology. If you don’t always have your laptop around, you can use your phone to download a dating app and start dating online.

How To Get Dates Through A Dating App

Despite the ease and the luxury of mobility (you can date online anywhere as long as you have your phone and internet), most people find it hard to get dates through dating apps. The main reason could be because they’re missing the point. They might be approaching app dating differently. Ideally, here’s how you would want to approach it:

Don’t Ask What Someone Is Into

When you’re on a dating app, or even if you’re online dating through your laptop, don’t ask someone what they’re into. Why not? Because they’ve likely said it in their dating profile. Always read someone’s profile before you send them a message so you know whether you match or not.

Keep It Moving

When you’re chatting through dating apps, the simplest guide that you need to follow is this: if someone asks you a question, answer them. Then, ask a question back. This is how you keep the conversation moving.

Be Consistent

The worst thing that you can do while you date through apps is to lie. You can never keep up your consistency when you tell a white lie every time you chat with the person you’re interested in. Be honest so you can be consistent. Also, don’t forget to keep your promises. Consistency can also translate to reliability.

Follow The 3-4 Days Rule

If you’re not familiar with this rule, then this may be your problem. You’re waiting too long to ask someone out or you’re asking too soon. You have to chat with someone for 3-4 days, then you ask them out. This is enough time to get to know each other but not so much as to spoil everything before you meet in real life.

All these app dating tips are pretty simple to do. This is great for you because this means that you can easily apply them to your dating game. For more tips on online dating, read the rest of our blog.