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Mentioning This Activity Can Help You In Finding Love

We all want to do great in our online dating life. But, many of us feel like our lives are not interesting enough. Well, it could be time to start a new hobby or you could merely mention this activity that might help you get more messages, views, or visits. Finding love might just become an easier task.

Can Finding Love Be Easier When You Mention This Activity?

A online dating website did a survey about what the hottest workout is. 7000 participants were surveyed and the results were interesting. Forget about weight lifting or running. The results revealed that online daters respond more to people who mention Pilates in their online dating profile.

Pilates is a form of exercise that makes use of special equipment that helps stretch the body and improve one’s strength. It’s somewhat similar to yoga.

Whatever magic Pilates has, it seems to increase your likelihood of finding potential matches by 160%. If this is not your cup of tea, other forms of exercises that may help you in finding love are kickboxing, Zumba, and yoga.

What If You Don’t Do Any Of These Exercises?

What if you’re the type of person who just sits around all day, working on your laptop and eating food? Well, another survey done last year revealed that online daters also respond better to people who mention “guacamole” on their dating profile.

Whatever your case is, it’s important that you don’t fake it. Admittedly, about 11% of millennials who date online admit that they tell white lies about working out just to impress people. This isn’t the way to go.

If you really want more responses or matches, it’s best to really practice what you preach. If you want to put Pilates on your dating profile, then maybe you should consider a class.

Working Out Is Attractive

Generally, what this recent survey tells us is that working out is attractive. It’s great for your body and it’ll give your dating profile a bit more of an edge to it. On the same survey, about 65% of the participants said that working out and staying healthy is important.

So, it’s probably time for you to get up and finally go to the gym. You’ll not only feel better about yourself, working out (including doing Pilates) might also help you in finding a date. For more tips about dating, read more posts on our blog.