The Difference between American and Ukrainian Women

Ukrainian women

7 Differences between American and Ukrainian Women

Women from all around the world have a few things in common but, if you take a closer look, each one behaves very differently. We are going to examine that in today’s post. We’re going to look at what the differences are between American women and Ukrainian women. This is, in no way, a comparison to see who is better but it’s more of a sneak peak into understanding how culture affects women’s behavior, especially when it comes to how they treat relationships and dating.

1st Difference: Drinks at bars

Usually, American women would ask for drinks from the guys that they’re talking to in bars. They don’t come up to guys and ask for drinks per se but they do it in a more subtle way. Ukrainian women, on the other hand, do not ask guys for drinks. They, as ladies, expect that a drink will arrive when a guy is interested to talk to them.

2nd Difference: Dependence

American women are all about girl power! Most of the time, it’s very difficult for them to admit that they need a man’s help. The opposite is to be said with Ukrainian women. They’re not fully dependent on men but they know that they need the men’s help with certain things. This is probably because of strong gender roles in Ukraine.

3rd Difference: Lie detecting

Smooth talking usually gets men out of trouble with American women but most Ukrainian women are like human lie detectors. They can see right through your BS, your flattery and your attempts to sweet talk your way out of trouble.

4th Difference: Supermarket outfits

In America, it’s very common for women to dress however they want. Let’s say, when they want to go to the store, they just wear a t-shirt and leggings with some boots on. No big deal. Meanwhile, in Ukraine, women dress up just to go to the store. Expect mini-skirts with tight tops, makeup and hair all done up.

5th Difference: Chatter while on dates

When on a date with an American woman, it should be interactive and chatty. When a man is silent on a date, an American woman might feel that the man is shy or awkward. As you may have guessed, not being chatty is a total turn off for American women. It’s totally the opposite with a Ukrainian woman, though. They like men who are the strong silent types.

6th Difference: Cutting a rug in the club

You name it, grinding, twerking, doing the red nose or any other dance done on music videos  – American women know them a little too well. Ukrainian women, on the other hand, do not know how to do these pop-culture dances that require you to shake or sway a body part excessively.

7th Difference: Body type

American women have different sizes and shapes – there are thin women, plump women, short women, tall women and so on. In Ukraine, it seems like the women have a similar natural body shape – petite and, most of the time, thin.

These Differences are Neither Good nor Bad

Again, these differences we mentioned are merely sneak peaks into the female psyche and it’s interesting to see how culture affects women’s attitude and behavior towards men and towards themselves. These differences from both sides allow men a clearer picture of the women they want to date. So who are you leaning towards? American women or Ukrainian women? Leave your comments below.