6 Things to Expect When Marrying a Slavic Woman

What to Expect When Marrying a Slavic Woman

So you’ve gotten yourself a Slavic wife to have and behold. Congratulations! But, sorry to rain on your parade, you should know that your life is not going to be the same again now that you went through marrying a Slavic woman. What changes can you expect, you ask? Well we’ve observed 6 changes that will always be characteristic to any Slavic wife that has a foreign husband:

#1 Change – Superstitions will be introduced.

If you weren’t superstitious then, you’ll be superstitious now even if you don’t believe in them. Superstitions are part of the Slavic culture and it doesn’t matter how modern you think a woman is. She will always believe in knocking three times instead of two and in avoiding whistling inside the house.

#2 Change – You’ll hear a lot of complaints.

Is complaining part of Slavic culture? Probably since a lot of women (and men) tend to complain about everything including the weather. However, this doesn’t mean that she’s unhappy with you or with her life with you. She’s just used to complaining or commenting on something a lot. It sounds tiring to hear complains all the time, we agree, so if you don’t feel comfortable this, it’s best to sit down and talk it out.

#3 Change – You’ll have lots of alone time.

Good news for you! Slavic women have big sexual appetites. They want it all the time so consider yourself lucky that you went through with marrying a Slavic woman. It’s a fact. Your age and her age won’t matter too because her drive remains the same.Marrying a Slavic Woman

#4 Change – Embrace the family.

All Slavic women have close ties with their families. If you are in her country, there are high chances of you and her visiting and spending time with her family often. If she’s in your country, you have to expect that she’s going to get homesick (a lot) so it’s best to provide your wife with a means of contacting her family – Skype, Yahoo messenger and the like.

#5 Change – She will be sensitive.

There are 2 meanings to this:

1. She will be sensitive artistically. Many Slavic women know how to appreciate art, classical music and poetry. She might love a good opera or ballet performance as well.

2. She will be sensitive emotionally. Those who love the arts in general tend to be moody so it’s not just Slavic women. They could be very happy one minute and then be angry (sometimes extremely angry) at something the next.

#6 Change – A piece of her mind.

Expect that you’ll be getting a lot of this. Slavic women are very direct to the point when speaking so there’s no sugar coating and there’s no beating around the bush. Don’t take it too personally because that’s just how it is in her own country. When the both of you have migrated to another place or migrated back to your country, you can simply tell her that, sometimes, directness can be misunderstood as being rude so she would have to adjust to holding her words every once in a while.

Communication is still KEY

Upon reading this post, you may be asking yourself: “What have I gotten myself into?” The answer is, you gotten into marrying a Slavic woman who will also put up with your short comings. Communication is still key in any relationship or in any marriage. Make use of it if there’s something that you don’t like about your partner. At the same time, encourage your partner to tell you the things she doesn’t like about you.