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Adjectives that Best Describe a Russian Woman

To describe a Russian woman in six words is an easy feat because we can think of 12 more words to really describe women from Russia but these 6 adjectives do say it all. Without further a due, Russian women are:

To Describe A Russian Woman You Should Use These Adjectives

1. Aesthetes

They are people who love the arts and love literature. They appreciate a good poem and some even compose poems as a hobby. The opera, a good ballet, a breath-taking painting, a renowned artist or writer and etc – you name it. Russian women are inclined to the arts.

2. Strong

Russian women are very strong and proud. They’re particularly proud of their heritage and their traditions. They’re strong in the sense that they can be independent, they sometimes can have strong personalities, they can be very frank and their facial expressions, most of the time, can be less happy (it’s nothing personal, Russian people in general don’t really smile a lot).

3. Gorgeous

There’s something about a Russian woman‘s eyes. It’s the most captivating part of their body aside from their other physical features. To sum it all up, they have the features that men consider to be very attractive – an hour glass figure with a tiny waist, long hair, long legs, gorgeous face and so on. They’ve been said to be the most beautiful women in the world.

4. Family-oriented

Each Russian woman cannot deny that they would put their family first in any situation. Family is very important to them because their parents placed a high-value on having the family together and that rubbed off on them. It could also be possible that their mothers have trained them, since they were young, to take care of their family.

5. Feminine

It’s a known fact that Russian women like to beautify themselves – makeup, skirts, high-heels and etc. It’s rare that a Russian woman goes out of her house not looking presentable – hair in a bun, no make up, with only a t-shirt on. Russian women like to look feminine at all times. That’s probably another factor that contributes to their beauty.

6. Delicate

This may be the opposite of what you heard. There’s one stereotype that describe a Russian woman to be an ice queen: very cold, emotionless and unfeeling. That is true to some extent but that stereotype probably started because of Russians’ plain expression (like we said, Russians in general don’t really like to smile a lot). Beneath that expression, however, is the sensitive part. We used the word delicate because Russian women are women – they’re full of emotions and passion. You just have to dig deep enough to reveal this side of her.

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