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Tips You Must Follow When Meeting Women in Kiev

Have you ever been to Kiev before? If yes, then you already know that it’s not only the character of the city that’s mesmerizing. Along with it’s eclectic architecture and historic and magical atmosphere, another aspect that’s most mesmerizing is the women in Kiev. You’d have to use a pain reliever when there because your neck might hurt from turning too much. The city is just swarming with attractive ladies.

So, in the hopes of helping you (the handsome foreign man) to meet women in Kiev, we’ve gathered tips that can really help you out with Ukrainian hotties in the city.

You Must Know This About Women In Kiev

Play the “Lost Foreigner” Card

What’s the easiest way to talk to a Ukrainian lady without you coming off as someone who’s hitting on every Ukrainian lady they meet on the street? Easy! You play the  “lost foreigner” card and ask for directions. As to how you’re going to go about doing this is your strategy. We just gave you an “in”: go up to a girl and ask for directions to a specific place. Easy enough, yes, but it’s up to you to keep the conversation going.

Keep Your Money Inside Your Pocket

Don’t be the stereotype and don’t buy into it either. Don’t get offended but a lot of foreigners have been known to go to Kiev just to meet women (that’s why you’re reading this now). While that isn’t such a bad thing, what you’d want to avoid is flashing your money in front of girls making them think that you’re a rich, life-saving foreigner (a stereotype) and them being the gold diggers (another stereotype).

Understand the Over Protection

Ukrainian males tend to be over protective with the girls in their friendship circle or in their family. Who can blame them, right? Remember, we already told you that foreigners have a reputation. This gets more common when you visit more mountainous regions of Ukraine.

Plan the Dates Before Flying to Kiev

OK, so there’s plan A and plan B. Plan A: meet women online and then arrange dates with them when you’re in Kiev. Plan B: go have fun and meet Ukrainian women in random places. Both approaches are do-able but the better one is A. Plan B can be really tough as a lot of external factors come into play – she’s not interested, she already has a boyfriend, her friends don’t want her to do so and so on.

Never Go Against Your Gut

This is our last piece of advice and it’s an age old one. Wherever you go, you always go with what your gut is saying. Don’t think about language barriers or cultural barriers. We communicate more clearly with our actions or body language anyway so all you really need to do is feel. Listen to your gut and you will be fine.

Just Remember

These tips may be helpful but, in the long run, you would still have to do your own research and gather more information on the city that you’re visiting. Search about what the people are like, what spots are ideal to go to, how much a cab fare is and so on. It’s not just about the dating too so make sure that you have a good time while there – it’s a vacation!