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Signs that Tell You She’s Not Interested

Okay, we’ve all been there. So you met this fine woman online and you would like to get to know and eventually be in a relationship with her. But, then again, she keeps giving you mixed signals and it’s driving you nuts. Is she really interested or is she not? Here are a few signs that will tell you if she’s not interested:

How to know if she is not interested

1. Delayed Responses

So you start exchanging messages over the internet and would like to communicate more on a daily basis. This goes well at first, and then she starts responding later and later. With online correspondence, a week can be considered a reasonable time for responding to an email or an online message. This is because, unlike the West, areas beyond the metropolitan in Russia are still developing thus, your little lady might not be able to check her mails as often as she would like. Also, if this were the case, her responses would be consistent, like she would respond every Wednesday and Friday.  If she was not interested, she would reply more sporadically as though checking her messages is just an afterthought.

2. Short Impersonal Messages

Let’s say your lady is prompt and consistent in replying to messages and texts. The next thing to look at is the content of her messages to you. Turning tables around, if you truly are interested in a woman, you seek to know everything there is to know about her. It should be the same with her if she’s that interested. Does she ask about your family and how they are? Does she want to know what you do to pass the time? Questions about you and your daily life may be a sign that she is interested. Vice-versa, when you yourself ask her questions about her life, she also takes time to answer each and every question carefully. She would definitely not mind giving you detailed answers to your questions if she truly is interested in you. If you keep receiving short messages that don’t really seem personal then this might actually be a sign that she’s not interested.

3. The Following Dates

Finally, with the messages, emails and texts, you both decide that you should personally meet. And after this meeting, of course you will ask her out for a second or third date. This is where it gets a bit interesting. If she starts making excuses or becomes very vague about her availability for the next date, then this should a red flag. A woman who is truly interested in getting to know you better will definitely make herself available or, at least, would make an effort to be available for the next date. But, you should always consider the situation like her schedule and how busy she is. Just give her a little bit of space for scheduling time with you, but, definitely she will, at the very least, make an effort to be with you.

4. It’s All About the Money

This is something that should raise a red flag, definitely. In the online dating industry and even with simply offline dates, this is a real issue. Scams happen all the time where the woman you meet ask you to buy her things, take her to expensive places and downright ask you for money. A woman, who is truly interested in you, will try to veer away from asking you money. It is a given that you will take her out on dates and give her simple gifts, but the moment she starts demanding so much more, you should question her motives.

TIP: A woman truly interested in getting to know you would not mind the restaurant you go to as long as it is nice and quiet where you could have meaningful conversations and get to know each other better.

5. Fading Away

After you have gone on several dates, and you’re still wondering if she really is interested in you or not, then it’s probably high time that you trust your gut. If your special little lady starts replying less and less, then she might not be that interested anymore. If, after all the time you spent with her, it suddenly becomes harder to call her or to get a hold of her, then it might be time to tap out and move on. When a woman’s presence starts fading, she probably met someone else that she likes better, and it would be best for you to do the same.