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Is your Russian Beauty Flirting? These Are The signs

Because of the difference in culture, you’ll never really know if a Russian beauty is flirting back at you or is just being friendly. It’s for this reason that we ought to study and understand the culture of our future Russian significant other. Good news for you because the Russian dating scene is more straight forward – no misleading nor games – so you’ll absolutely know when she’s also flirting back.

Just to be sure, here are 5 signs that tell you she’s flirting or she’s interested (get your pen and papers ready).

How to know if a Russian Woman is Flirting

When you haven’t talked to her yet:

  1. The glance, the stare and the smile – If you smiled at a Russian woman at a bar or a cafe, she will usually show interest by glancing at you every now and then. When your eyes meet, she might reward you with a smile. This is sort of your go-signal for approaching her.
    • If you’re at a bar, go and buy her drinks. If you’re at a cafe, go and say hello and then offer to buy her a coffee.
    • TIP: It’s fantastic to meet flirty Russian women at bars but if you’re searching for a serious relationship, it’s highly likely that this is not the place that you should be searching in. Go for restaurants, cafes, bookstores and the like.
  2. The body language – Sometimes, when a Russian woman flirts she’ll make sure that the person she’s directing her flirts to will notice. For example, she’ll maintain eye contact with you and then flip her hair. She may also fix her hair to one side of her head and then fix it often while maintaining that eye contact with you.
    • At this point, you can absolutely go and say hello. What follows after is dependent on your confidence. Ask for her number or ask her out on a date.

When you’ve already talked to her:

  1. Crossing the legs, showing the hips – While in a conversation, one way to know if your Russian beauty is flirting back is if she crosses her leg in a way that accentuates her hip. This is definitely a flirty move and she wants you to know that you have to notice how gorgeous she looks (there’s nothing wrong with that).
    • When this happens, you better have a compliment lurking at the back of your head. Don’t just tell her that she’s pretty. Instead, come up with something original.
    • TIP: The usual “You’re so beautiful” line is way too overused. Tell her that the color of her eyes remind you about (insert something appropriate and romantic here).
  2. Playing with hair and jewelry – It’s highly likely that your Russian beauty will be twirling her finger in her hair often while you’re talking. She might also play with jewelry a little bit as she looks you straight in the eyes.
  3. She’s playing with words – Other than her hair and her jewelry, she might also be playing with her choice of words. You’ll notice that her speech patterns are changing according to what you may be talking about. She’ll definitely be coy about her comments followed by a cute and irresistible laugh or smirk.

If you See All of These Signs

If you see all 5, congratulations, she’s definitely interested. It’s up to you to keep the ball rolling by inviting her to a first date or another date!

Check back in with us for more tips on how you can tell if a Russian beauty is flirting back at you or not, how you’ll know if she’s interested or not.