5 Reasons to Visit the Beautiful City Kiev, Ukraine

Why you must visit Kiev, Ukraine

Some people spell it “KIEV” and some “KYIV” but whatever the spelling is, those that decide to visit the beautiful Ukrainian city gain unforgettable memories. Kiev is a peaceful place too , just in case you were wondering. It’s relatively settled compared with other Russian or Ukrainian cities that are unstable because of state affairs. This has to be addressed first: it’s safe to go there, don’t worry. This is one reason why you need to pack your bags to go on a trip to visit Kiev, Ukraine, right away.

Ok, we’d have to admit that hearing that it’s safe doesn’t really make you want to go there. You’re right and so here’s more reasons:

#1 Ukrainian Women

Very similar to when you visit Russia, you’ll see gorgeous Ukrainian women every direction you look. We’re sure you’ve heard of stories on the internet about Russian and Ukrainian women being the most beautiful in the world. You’ll probably see the proof for yourself when you walk around the streets of the city.

You also don’t have to worry about the locals because they’re friendly. Ukrainians have been known to be more accepting to foreigners who visit their country.

#2 The history

Kiev is an old city which is why it’s so interesting. The architecture is beautiful, aged, and at the same time, eclectic. It has character, in other words, and you’ll be able to catch a glimpse of the cities history just by looking at the architecture. You’ll have a magical feeling come over you and you’ll probably be hungry for more.

#3 English is spoken well

There’s also no need to worry about communication. Most Ukrainians speak English well. Most, if not all, restaurants also have their menu in Russian/Ukrainian and English which, somewhat, gives you an idea of what the other aspects of Ukraine will be like when it comes communicating to tourists.

#4 There are more things to do

Sometimes, travelers are torn because they cannot decide what city to visit: Moscow or Kiev. We’d recommend Kiev in this case because there are more things to see and do. This observation is based on seasoned traveler’s recommendations in forums.

What exactly should you do? Visit churches, museums, parks and so on. If you can’t decide, you can always Google: “Things to do in Kiev“.

#5 No Visa drama

When you go to Russia, you’ll need a visa which is a big hassle. Apart from it being expensive, it will also require a lot of your time and effort. When going to Ukraine, however, all you’ll need is a passport when you belong to any of the following countries:







San Marino


South Korea



United States

Vatican City

EFTAAndorraArgentinaBosnia and Herzegovina




Hong Kong






When are you packing?

That should be enough to convince you that Kiev is a worth-while city to visit. So when are you packing your bags? We hope that you’re going to have your Kiev adventure soon.