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Myths and Realities on the Russian Culture

Russia and the Russian culture have always been a mystery to most people. This is especially true with men who are seeking Russian girlfriends online. They put in valuable time and effort to the different ways to meet these women – romance tours, dating websites, online chatting – but they don’t really invest the same things in learning about the women’s culture. These men; instead of satisfying their curiosities, they just go with what they think they know. If you’re one of these men, we are offering help.

Russian Culture Is Not What You Think

1. There are a lot of Russian spies in Russia.

You’ve been watching too many spy movies. Maybe you should cut down a little. This stereotype might have come from the former Soviet Union’s preference for human sources over research on open sources. Just like any other country, Russia has their own secret service but this doesn’t really mean that every Russian you meet is a spy so we’ll label this one as a myth.

2. Vodka everyday.

Right off the bat, we can label this as a reality. It’s true that Russians love drinking vodka because its a good way to keep warm during cold winters or cold nights. Because Vodka has been part of Russian history, Russians have developed a stronger tolerance to alcohol. They’ve even played with vodka ingredients to make the drink even more enjoyable. This doesn’t mean, however, that Russians drink on a daily basis.

3. Russian women prefer rich, older men.

The truth is it boils down to a woman’s preference. There are women in other parts of the world who prefer older men to younger men and it’s also true with some Russian females. The mail order brides issue may still be prevalent but this doesn’t translate to every young Russian woman merely wanting money and a plain ticket out of her country. With that said, we’ll label this as myth.

4. Russian women are bombshells.

Another blatant fact. Well, that may be over the top but you have to admit that most Russian women look really good. Partly, it has something to do with genetics. Another factor is Russian culture because the Russian society frowns upon a woman who doesn’t look put together. That’s why you’ll see an abundance of beautiful Russian women who dress nicely everywhere you go in Russia.

5. Russians are rude and cold to strangers.

It’s not true. Russians are not rude or cold to strangers. Again, this has something to do with Russian culture. In other countries, a smile is a common thing. People don’t really think too much about it. It’s different in Russia though. Smiles are reserved for family, friends and people you personally know.

If you, a foreigner, walk in the streets of Russia and then randomly greet a passing stranger with “Good morning”, that stranger wouldn’t know what to do. This is probably why the stereotype exists but remember that it is nothing personal.

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