Czech Women – 5 Interesting Facts to know

Things to know about Czech Women

We know Czech girls to be feminine, and wholly appearance conscious and traditional. But here are a few facts about the beautiful, fashionable and slender Czech women that you might find interesting.czech women

Fact #1: Czech Women love their bodies.

Czech women value their appearance very much. They go through lengths to look their best each time. They love being beautiful and being feminine. And all their hard work on their looks is reflected on their confidence in their bodies. They love to flaunt what they have and love putting it in display. With this, a Czech lady loves for her beauty to be admired and appreciated. It might turn her off if you don’t pay attention to her looks so be very generous with your compliments.

Fact #2: They love their family.

Czechs value family very much. This much reflects with Czech women as they usually stay with their parents right up until they get married. You can expect her to value her parents’ opinions and should prompt you to make a fairly good impression with them as you date their daughter.  It wouldn’t hurt for you to pick up some small gifts for the family whenever you come to visit; perhaps a bottle of wine for the father and a lovely bouquet for the mother. Remember, if they disapprove of you, there is a big chance your lady will heed their advice.

Fact #3: They are not religious.

The Czech Republic is considered one of the least religious countries in the world. A large percentage of the population are atheists who do not believe in God. They have their own set of values that they follow but the lack of religiosity may have stemmed from the past issues that their country has been through. It would be best to veer away from conversation topics that involve religion and politics. Each country has its own dark past and it would be rude to bring this up in conversation.

Fact #4: Czech women don’t smile much.

When we say serious, we mean in the sense of how they conduct their businesses and how they usually are in public. Czech women are not as smiley as western women, but don’t let this intimidate you. It’s not that they are snobby, it is only because their smiles are reserved for friends and family. Ironically though, their frosty attitude tends to attract men all the more. And another related fact to this is the fact that Czech ladies are a bit hard to get and you might work a little harder to get her than most girls you’ve dated in the past.

Fact #5: They are independent women.

Czech Women, despite the fact that they choose to stay in the family home than live alone, are very independent. They hold their own in the workforce and in personal matters. They can be stoic the way they deal with conflict in a no-nonsense way. They don’t think out loud as much as western women and tend to deal with conflicts in a more direct way. This may have stemmed from the communist roots of the society. But then again, they are not anti-socials. They love going out and having fun with friends. They keep their social circles and lives very active. They are busy, very determined and have active lifestyles.