5 Examples of Famous and Gorgeous Russian Women

Why are Russian Women so Attractive?

If you haven’t already figured it out yet, Russian women are claimed to be the most beautiful women on earth. Their facial features, petite frame, deep eyes and natural talents have made them the desire of almost every man from every corner of the globe. Don’t believe what we’re saying? We have proof. Here are 5 examples of famous and gorgeous Russian women that nobody can resist:

Gorgeous Russian Women 1. Alina Kabayeva

Full name: Alina Maratovna Kabaeva (Али́на Мара́товна Каба́ева)

She’s gorgeous but why is she famous?

This stunning beauty is a retired rhythmic gymnast with two Olympic medals, 14 world championship medals and 25 European championship medals. She may sound like your typical Russian gold medalist but the cherry on top of the icing is her role in Russian politics (was State Duma deputy from the United Russia party). Currently she is the chairwoman of the board of directors of the National Media Group.


Gorgeous Russian Women2. Victoria Lopyreva

Full name: Victoria Lopyreva (Виктория Лопырёва)

She’s gorgeous but why is she famous?

Other gorgeous Russian women look up to this lady. She won the the title of Miss Russia in 2003. Her work as the director for the Miss Russia pageant was brief but she did become a model (appeared in several magazines like Cosmopolitan and Maxim) and a  popular TV hostess.

Gorgeous Russian Women3. Aleksandra Kosteniuk

Full name (brace yourself!): Alexandra Konstantinovna Kosteniuk (Алекса́ндра Константи́новна Костеню́к)

She’s gorgeous but why is she famous?

Into gorgeous Russian women with brains? You should meet Alexandra Konstantinovna Kosteniuk. Her name may be a handful to say but that’s nothing compared to how grand her achievements are – Russian chess Grand Master and a former Women’s World Chess Champion.

Gorgeous Russian Women4. Eugenia Volodina

Full name: Eugenia Volodina (Евгения Володина)

She’s gorgeous but why is she famous?

If her face isn’t familiar to you then you probably don’t pick up a lot of fashion magazines. Eugenia is a Russian model with a successful modeling career. She’s worked with brands like Yves Saint Laurent, Valentino V, Eres and Victoria’s Secret.

It’s also not a surprise since she really breath taking, especially the depth and beauty in her eyes.


5. Victoria DaynekoGorgeous Russian Women

Full name: Victoria Petrovna Dayneko (Виктория Петровна Дайнеко)

She’s gorgeous but why is she famous?

Watch a lot of Russian television? You’re probably going to know who Victoria is. She’s the Russian singer who won Star Factory-5 – a talent search show that had about 7 seasons. Since her win, she’s had several career opportunities as a singer – songs debuted, songs maid into movie soundtracks, voiced main characters in movies and etc.

More Gorgeous Russian Women

These beauties have brought more proof to the claim that Russian women are the most beautiful women in the world. These 5 examples are merely starters. There are dozens of gorgeous Russian women that you can meet online. They may not be as famous as these 5 but they definitely do not fall short in the beauty and talent department.

Do you know of other famous and gorgeous Russian women we can add to our list? Comment the names below and let us do the research for part 2.

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