Dating in America and in Europe – 5 Differences

Dating in Europe and America – The Difference

Dating in Europe is very different when compared with dating in America. Though some women can be somewhat challenging to pursue (like Russians or Ukrainians), men usually think that dating in Europe is much easier because of a number of reasons. Generally, it mostly boils down the women’s behavior, the dating culture and the how men approach dating in the respective places. Let’s take a closer look and talk about 5 specific differences:

dating european women vs dating american women

The Dating Culture in Europe is more Straightforward

Have you ever heard of someone say that dating in America is full of games? Well, you cannot say the same for the dating culture in Europe. It’s less about beating around the bush and more about getting to the point. If a man likes a woman and the woman feels the same, then the date or the relationship continues. If not, both parties decide to part ways. This is one reason why it’s easier for men to date in Europe – they don’t have to worry about figuring out the next move in a date.

Dating in America Has a Pattern

If you live in America then you know exactly what this means. When you go on a date, it’s usually go out to a fancy restaurant, go somewhere else for drinks or dessert and then you either go back to your place, or you say goodnight. The next day, you either call or you don’t. The American woman usually expects you to call, though. In Europe, dating is more random. The date can go from hiking to going to a museum in the same day. Also, with regards to the topic of calling (or not calling), the European woman takes it as a hint – if you don’t call the next day, it means that you either didn’t like the date or you didn’t feel a spark. She won’t wait beside the phone, however. She’s going to move on with her life and think nothing of it.

Perspective on Intimacy is Vastly Different

Now, moving on to the topic of intimacy. If a European woman wants to be intimate with you, she will let you know through her words and gestures. If an American woman wants to be intimate with you, she usually doesn’t blurt it out but she  gives you subtle hints. This is because in Europe, the topic of intimacy is discussed openly. When a European woman talks about it and actually do it, people don’t think negatively of it because it’s something natural.

Dating in America is Less About Hanging Out

Let’s go back to dating in America having a distinct pattern. Have you ever noticed how official the date is? Official may be a confusing term but what we mean to say is that dating is less about hanging out and more about seeing if the other person is a catch and a match. In Europe, dates are less official. It’s also about finding out if the person is a catch and a match but not all at once in one date.

The Way American Women Think

The American women’s way of thinking is more immature, in general. We’ve observed that most women in America don’t take life too seriously as compared with women in Europe. Here’s an example: there are plenty of women in Europe that have their life planned out. There are European women who have already gotten a job, bought a car and has her own apartment at the age of 27 or 28. In America, usually, when a woman this age doesn’t have life figured out. That’s not necessarily  a bad thing but this is just to make a comparison.