5 Common Questions about Ukrainian Women Answered

What do we really know about Ukrainian women?

More and more foreign men, nowadays, find Ukrainian women very desirable (for dating or for marriage). This trend was bound to happen as soon as the entire world saw the kind of beauty the females in Ukraine possessed, but what do we really know about Ukrainian women apart from the fact that they are very beautiful? Probably not much but AnastasiaDate will answer 5 of your common questions about the women of Ukraine will be answered today.

Ukrainian women

Question #1: Most Ukrainian women look good. Is this even possible?

  • Yes, it is possible. Commonly, Ukrainian women take pride in making themselves look good because in their culture it is frowned upon if a woman (especially of child bearing age) “let herself go”. Hence, gaining too much weight, unkempt hair, wearing sweatpants everyday, is not in a Ukrainian female’s vocabulary.
  • Another reason why Ukrainian women look good is that they’re not really into eating junk food that much. Despite the abundance of unhealthy food items, most Ukrainian women would still prefer traditional meals that consist of mostly vegetables.
  • Walking almost everywhere – that’s what most Ukrainian women like to do and as a result, they’ve developed atoned physique.

Question #2: Are Ukrainian women rigid and cold?

  • Not at all. Ukrainian women are very flirtatious because it is acceptable in their culture. There are exceptions to the rule, of course, but mostly Ukrainian women love to flirt with men and it’s not, at all, viewed as being “easy” or being too “available”.

Question #3: What attitude do women in Ukraine have?

  • Not all females are the same but with Ukrainian women the main idea that you have to remember is that they are not afraid to be feminine (overtly feminine even). Being carefree, spontaneous and emotional is something that’s common for them. Do not be mistaken because Ukrainian women are not just damsels in distress. They can be as strong as you but they aren’t afraid to show their feminine side.

Question #4: Are Ukrainian women really submissive?

  • This question is a little bit subjective because it will depend on how you view being submissive. If being submissive to you means that a woman is willing to be at your beck and call 24-7 then no. She is not a servant-girl. If being submissive to you means that your Ukrainian beauty is willing to take on her role as a caregiver, a wife or as a lover while still maintaining her  quiet independence then yes. She will not hesitate to cook you something, give you a massage after a long day of work and so on because it’s what women do, but she is not helpless and incapable of taking care of herself.

Question #5: Why do females in Ukraine look for husbands in the West?

  • The answer to this is simple: because it fits! Ukrainian women and Western men are just compatible. Because of strong gender roles in Ukraine, women there are not afraid to be women – to stay at home, take care of the kids, cook and they afraid to give up their careers for their family. On the other hand, most Western men are driven and career-oriented but they also want a family of their own and a wife who will support them in life and in everything. Doesn’t that sound like a good match to you?

More tips coming!

There’s more to Ukrainian women than these 5 questions, of course, but these will be enough to give you an idea of what Ukrainian women are really like. We hope that these tips were helpful. Check back soon for more European Dating Tips, International dating tips and online dating advice that will help bring you closer to finding your match.