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The 4 C’s Your Relationship Must Have To Be Healthy

Just like how we maintain our bodies, we also need to keep our love lives in check so our relationship can last longer and be healthy. When we do that, it shows in the connectedness we have with our partner. But, what can we do so our relationship is healthy?

To Be Healthy, Our Relationship Needs These Foundations

Essentially, we need to keep an eye on 4C’s: commitment, compatibility, conduct, and consideration, for our relationship to be healthy:

1. Commitment

Both partners must have this mutual commitment to each other. They try to put each other first and fulfill each other’s wants and needs. It is not smothering because it’s a relationship which is give-and-take.

2. Compatibility

The saying that “opposites attract” is not true. In fact, healthy relationships rest a lot on the couple’s compatibility. You must have the same core values and beliefs. Usually, when a couple is very compatible, they might have the same hobbies too.

3. Conduct

In healthy relationships, partners deal with each other with love, respect, and even kindness. It continues to be so whether they are in the same room or not, as well as when they are alone or with other people.

4. Consideration

A person who loves his or her partner will generally consider what he or she feels. This is also vice versa. The couple is aware of the other person in the equation. The one person doesn’t just make decisions for him or herself anymore. This reinforces the commitment of the couple to each other.

How A Healthy Relationship Looks Like

The 4C’s can be easy to imagine and you might even think that your relationship has already established these foundations. But, see if you can spot any of these characteristics in your relationship:

  • In a healthy relationship, you feel good about yourself and your partner feels the same.
  • There is mutual, love, respect, and trust. Nobody is paranoid.
  • Both parties share the responsibility of making decisions. And, they can both agree to disagree.
  • You don’t expect your partner to change according to your set of rules.

If your relationship does not have any of these traits, you probably need to put more effort into things. You have to put in the work for your relationship to be healthy. For more tips on love by Anastasia Date, read other posts on our blog.