Dating a Polish Woman – 4 Things to Remember

Things to do when dating a Polish Woman

Women all over the world are much like intricate cuisines that are unique as they come. They have their own unique flavors and some are acquired tastes. Much like their own cuisine, a Polish woman has her own flavour that dating her may be a bit different than dating western women. So here are some tips to remember when you start dating a Polish woman.

dating a polish woman

Reminder #1: Give her flowers, especially on Women’s day.

Polish women are feminine to the core. They are brought up in an environment where women are treated like ladies and they are used to men being naturally chivalrous. In light of this, flowers indeed make the ladies feel that they are indeed precious to you. Now, there are the given occasions such as Valentine’s Day, your anniversary (or monthly anniversaries), her birthday and such. But another occasion of importance should be marked as a flower day. This would be the International Women’s Day celebrated every March 8th. In the west, the International Women’s Day is celebrated but not with as much fanfare as in Eastern Europe. So just a friendly reminder, make sure you give her flowers on this day.

Reminder #2: Chivalry is very much alive and should be practiced whenever you’re with her.

As mentioned earlier, Polish women come from a somewhat conservative society where women are somehow viewed as the weaker sex. Thus, being the gentleman, you are to: carry her bag, open doors for her, seat her in restaurants, you take her coat, you escort her to places she means to go and you give up your seat for her, in case there is only one left available in a crowded train/bus. To a man brought up in a society where women fight for equal rights a lot, this might take a little bit of work. But then again, it can be very rewarding to feel as the more dominant partner in a relationship.

Reminder#3: Polish mothers can be a bit difficult, so try to win her over as much as you can.

Due to hardships encountered in the past, mothers tend to be more protective of their daughters than most western moms. They also have negative stereotypes in their heads about western men, which might be well founded considering some men do come to their country and steal their daughters away like mail order brides. So, be considerate of her poor heart and try to be as nice as you can be. Try to be more sensitive and to tone down the western assertive attitude as is the norm back home. In the end, you will benefit from this as it is better to have an agreeable mother-in-law than a monster-in-law.

Reminder#4:  Polish women are very affectionate.

When you start dating a Polish woman, she will be very affectionate.  This means that when you walk, it can be expected that she will have her arm looped around yours. Though when it comes to walking through tight aisles or narrow alleys, you should walk behind her so as to ensure her safety. She will also take to using you as a pillow or she will want to have her head on your shoulder whenever you two are hanging out at the movies or maybe at home. This is one of the rewards you reap by being her chivalrous gentleman.