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Reasons Why Russian Women Date Foreign Men

This has to be one of the most asked questions when it comes to the topic of dating Russian women: Why do Russian women date foreign men in the first place? We’ve all probably heard of all of the answers ever given but which ones are true and which ones aren’t? Well, today we are going to address this and we’ll tell you exactly how valid or invalid these answers are.

Who Do Russian Women Date And Why

Russian women date foreign men because they are more romantic than most men in Russia.

It’s a known fact that the men in Russia don’t really show, let alone say, how they feel. It’s already been observed in their culture. In fact, women sometimes have the same tendency. Despite this, we believe that women have this universal need of feeling loved and cared for. Russian women simply cannot find it in their own country or they’re having a really hard time finding that one sensitive guy so they choose to seek elsewhere.

Russian women date foreign men because all the good men in Russia are taken.

Statistics show that there are more women than men in Russia. Let’s put it this way so you can easily understand. Let’s say you’ve always liked grocery shopping at A store. One day, it turns out that the A store ran out of something that you desperately needed. What would you do? Definitely, find some other store that has the thing you needed. We know that it totally doesn’t sound romantic when we put it this way but it makes it simple to understand and, metaphorically, it is true.

They date foreign men because they’ve gone through a lot of bad experiences with men in their own country.

We’ve all gone through this. If it were you, if you’ve gone through several bad relationships in your country, at some point, wouldn’t you try to look elsewhere? We’re absolutely not saying that Russian men treat their women badly, NO. Russian women also have the same kind of problem as women in the West: finding a good man. If you see the chance to try another way of finding a good man then why not?

They date foreign men because of the internet.

With a big “thank you” to the internet and the convenient accessibility of online dating, Russian women now have more choices. The internet has made it easy for all of us to reach out to other people, so wouldn’t it be interesting to meet someone half way across the world? It’s also one way of broadening one’s search for love, if you really think about it.

New Conclusions On How Russian Women Date

We’re sure that these are not all of the reasons why Russian women date foreign men but these certainly are the main ones. They sound more positive but we do not hide the fact that there are negative reasons as well.

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