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Reasons Why You Should Date A Greek Lady

Greece has always been a place of wonder and beauty. From its lands hailed great minds that changed the course of how things are done in the world. It has shaped how science, architecture, math and philosophy is viewed today. Greek women are, in their own way, as wondrous and beautiful as the lands from where they come. Here are a few reasons why you should date a Greek lady.

This Is What A Greek Lady Will Bring Into Your Life

She hails from a rich culture of which she is proud.

The Greek culture is indeed one of the oldest and richest in the world. Many of the modern concepts of science, philosophy, math, and basically anything have stemmed from ancient Greece. A woman who hails from such a culture has a personality as colorful as the mythology stories we have been forced to read in school. There is bound to be no dull moments when you are with her, and you will be able to talk about anything under the sun. Remember, a Greek lady has been raised by an amazing culture, and that is exactly what she is, amazing.

A Greek lady is a daughter of Aphrodite.

Aphrodite is the goddess of love and beauty.  Greek women have, for centuries, enthralled men with their stunning beauty, thus inspiring the ancient writers to conceptualize the goddess Aphrodite. This makes your Greek lady a daughter of Aphrodite herself as she is a descendant of the women of the ancient times of which the historians write of. They are beautiful, charming, and they love being women. And not only this, Greek women are passionate and sensuous. After all, Aphrodite is the goddess of both love and beauty.

She is a descendant of Athena.

Not only is a Greek woman a daughter of the goddess of beauty, she is also a descendant of Athena. Greek women, despite of being feminine, are as strong as any man you meet down the street. They hold their own in the battlefield of the workplace. They are hard-working, confident, smart and talented. Women are traditionally the ones who stay at home and care for the children and the idea of women being equals of men is still relatively new. This makes these women fierce and willing to prove their worth.

She loves her family.

In the past, women in the Greek culture generally stay at home and care for her family. Very rare is a woman who is educated except those of nobility. Until in the recent decades, the woman has always been the homemaker, making the Greek woman very family oriented. In addition to that, Greeks have always been known to have very close relations with family, relatives and extended family. Even those who have migrated to different countries tend to be very close. They usually gather for special occasions making sure the whole family is there. This love and devotion she shows for her family is sure to be extended to you once you become a serious couple. A Greek Lady will be fiercely loyal and will care for you the same way she does her family.

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