Dating Younger Russian Women – The Age Factor

In the online dating world, majority of the men who are into dating younger Russian women, either for a serious relationship or for friendship, are at the age of 40 or above. On the other hand, statistics show that majority (approximately 64%) of Russian women seeking foreign husbands are under the age of 30 (years younger than the men). Some may even be as young as 18 years old. This is exactly why a significant amount of foreign men are a little bit insecure about their age and it makes them ask the question: Will my age be an obstacle for finding a beautiful Russian wife or at least dating younger Russian women?

NO, absolutely NOT. Here are 3 ways that will show you that you can overcoming the “age factor”:

First – Study the Data

What data are you suppose to study? The data found on the internet of course! Scour the web for information on mature men dating younger Russian women. You’ll be surprised at what you will find. You have to do your research yourself but here’s a sneak peak into what you will discover:

  1. Russian women prefer gentlemen older than them because of 2 things: emotional and financial security. Older men tend to have more life experiences thus understand life better. They’re also more “put-together”with their priorities all lined up and straightened.
  2. Russian women go for older gentlemen because they’re more likely to have serious relationships.
  3. Older men dating younger Russian women are more responsible compared to younger younger russian women

And the list goes on. Like we said, you’ll be surprised at what you will find.

Second – You’re as old as you feel

The expression: “You’re as old as you feel” doesn’t mean that you, at the age of 55, need to purchase skinny jeans of different shades of denim, a snapback cap and a pair of ultra-cool sneakers. No. It just means that age is a state of mind. If you feel good about yourself, then you probably won’t be worried about the age difference in the first place.

Start exercising to get your energy up, eat right, and take care of yourself to get a boost of confidence.

Third – It’s what’s on the inside

Believe it or not, Russian women pay attention to your personality. Since the dating scene in Russia is not essentially based on “games”, rules and manipulation, Russian women tend to notice a man’s personality, character and attitude more. Sure, they notice the looks but it isn’t that important when a man is brave, courteous, interesting and well-spoken. Even the cocky, over-confident act that works so well in the West is not going to be effective in Russia.

Thanks to the Russian dating culture, which is very straight forward, you don’t have to worry about how you look physically. You need to be well dressed and on-point with your outfits, of course, but being physically unattractive – flabby tummy, an oddly shaped head, eyes that are too close to each other, a flatter nose and etc – will not be a big disadvantage.

The Game is Different in Russia

As you may now know after reading this post, the “game” is very different in Russia and it doesn’t matter if you’re young, old or the oldest among the rest. This is why you shouldn’t rely on your age or physical appearance to impress a pretty Russian woman.

For more helpful tips on how to overcome international dating barriers, check back with us soon!