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Things Russian Women Do Not Want in a Man

It may not seem like it but Russian women can be more complicated than you think. Beneath their cold and seemingly unfeeling exterior lie the desires, the emotions and the passion. It’s up to you, as the gentleman who’s interested to get to know them, to get to that core. It may take a while but it may take a lot longer if you do these three things that Russian women absolutely do not want to see in a man:

Russian Women Do Not Want a Cheapskate

Upon reading this, you’re probably thinking that you need to be a millionaire to date a Russian lady. WRONG. You just have to show her that you’re making an effort to impress her with special gestures. By special gestures we mean: paying for the first date, buying her chocolates or flowers the next time you meet, taking her to a nice (doesn’t have to be fancy) restaurant and so on. All of these things are small and inexpensive but they really do the trick.

Other small gifts that you can give:

  • Bring a small gift when visiting her family. Flowers are a good idea but they shouldn’t go to her. Instead give it to her mother. Another small gift that you could bring is a bottle of alcohol or fine wine.
  • Chocolates are a popular gift item for women as well.

TIP for meeting Family & Friends:

If you’re not 100% sure, the best thing to do is to ask the beautiful Russian woman that you’re with. She can definitely shed some light onto the situation, letting you know what’s appropriate to bring and what’s not. She’ll probably appreciate the fact that you want to impress her family and friends.

Russian Women Do Not Want Someone Who Gives Up Easily

Have you ever heard of the expression: “The thrill of the chase”? This is what potential Russian girlfriends expect from you. In short, they want to be pursued despite you having doubts of whether she wants to continue in the courtship or not.  Women from Russia, as mentioned earlier, might come off as tough and cold but the key is to pursue them with all eagerness. They do not want to meet or be with quitters!

TIP for when you’re dating:

You have to do your homework because your Russian date’s culture is very different from your own. You can easily offend her by not opening the door or something similar so understanding how she views dating is a must!

Russian Women Do Not Want A Cheater

It’s understandable that any woman does not want to be cheated on but women in Russian take it to a whole other level because of the culture that they grew up with. Once your Russian female feels like you’re officially dating, you’re expected to be with just her. This means that you cannot date two women at the same time. It may be acceptable someplace else but there’s no room for that in Russian culture.

When exactly do you know if you’re officially dating? Oh, you’ll know. You’ll feel it in your bones so don’t get any sudden ideas whether you’re officially dating online or offline.

Check back more often for helpful tips that will help you win the heart of your Russian princess. We have loads more where this came from so stay tuned!